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Conspiracy theories, fools, idiots, cowards, morons, traitors, useful tools or useless news media?


Johnny Clarke "Warrior"

Speaking of betrayal:
You morons… aaahhh I mean Republicans haven’t taken responsibility for last trust fund baby you idiots voted for in 2000-2004, now want to burden Americans with ANOTHER? Only a fool or a traitor would vote for Romney/Ryan. Did someone go and forget what Mitt said about 47% of Americans? YOU WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR POOR VOTING CHOICES this time around…

The polls are BS in 2012... this election has been fixed, rigged, bought off and paid for by a bunch of vain, greed stricken, power mad, silver spoon trust fund babies. Thanks to ALL THAT MONEY... and a Supreme Court legislating from the bench in "Citizens United", these @$$holes think they can get away with it. I say HELL NO! "...calling all WARRIORS..." Charlie Stunats~|&|

The American PEOPLE are going to RISE UP, even though our news media sold us out. Staffed by some of the worst, social-butterfly cowards in the history of mankind the 4th Estate and Judiciary has failed us miserably. WHO NEEDS 'EM, we've got the internet now... (read this blog and links, fools) POWER FROM THE PEOPLE!

LIARS shouldn't be labeled WINNERS, right? Would you sick, twisted degenerates tell your children to believe LIARS? Romney LIED over 50 times during the debate, there’s video that PROVES IT! Where’s the real news anchors, reporters and journalists? I blame news organizations for the sad state of the nation and stupid mofo’n voters that believe a LIAR won a debate. THE WORLD IS LAUGHING AT YOU CONSERVATIVE WACKOS! 

…and the Mitt Romney BIG foreign policy speech was a joke by a hypocrite with NO SHAME! Who the f**k allowed Mitt Romney to stand in front of the military service flags? This COWARD is a chicken-hawk of the worst kind. Romney was all for the Vietnam War but dodged the draft in France posing as a Mormon missionary. 

Romney foreign policy speech was meant to hypnotize/brainwash the useful tools who vote for Republicans.  “Obama/Libya/Arab Spring BAD… Romney/Bomb bomb Iran GOOD" ...now when I snap my fingers you’ll awake happy and refreshed.

Let the “little people” fight the war because Frenchy Romney and his 5 goofy silver spoon sons will be on home soil making millions in war profiteering investments. 

I wonder what the jobs numbers would be if obstructionist Republicans voted for jobs bills. I’m sick of the BS coming from rich white Ho’s like Jack Welch(er). Propagandists making up conspiracy about jobs numbers, Middle Eastern fanaticism and birth certificates. You @$$holes want coincidental conspiracy theories let’s take a look all the stuff the Conservative wackos and mainstream news organizations are ignoring.

1) High gas prices is an organized effort to make Obama/Biden look bad before the election. Like what Big Oil did to President Carter with fake oil shortage.  (thank you for investigation Senator Diane Feinstein )

2) Corrupted voting machines in VA, OH, PA and voter suppression in swing states around the nation.  We’re holding Republicans in State and local government accountable for the CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATIONS! You guys are going to be prosecuted or terminated.

3) The big “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” ho ha about right wing Christian churches and tax exempt status.  Should so-called Christian be associating with greed stricken con artists like Ralph Reed or the Faith and Freedom Coalition? There sure is an awful lot of politic’n going on in the name of the Lord. The problem is these @$$holes interpret the Bible as badly as they do the Constitution.

4) Did Kid Rock really blow Paul Ryan in MI? You celebrities are hardcore, man...

5) BLAME WHO? Republicans conveniently forget that 32% of Obama spending is to pay off the Bush/Cheney debt, FINALLY! It seems EVERYONE has to pay for debt incurred except for deadbeat Republicans and their supplemental spending trickery.

6) Does Mitt Romney's company, Bain Capital, own voting machines? (see David Pakman Show) COME ON! (do these rich assholes really think they're going to get away with this criminal BS?)

7) Big moneyed, covert op interests paying off Libyan-Egyptian locals to storm US compounds concerted effort to hurt Obama/Biden before the election. Conservative fanatics set up Mohammed mocking video to create unrest to make Obama look bad. I know, I KNOW… it’s only a coincidence all this bullshit happened just before a Presidential election.

It’s not unlike what the late 70’s Conservative wackos did the Carter Administration? Instead of looking at the HISTORICAL FACTS that big business and the military sabotaged the 4 year Carter Administration. You want me to believe those Iranian fanatic dumb asses thought up taking over the American embassy without right wing hawk CIA help? COME ON! Ollie North was in charge of the FAILED Iran Hostage rescue mission… REALLY? An Oil shortage… REALLY? Inflation… REALLY? ...imbeciles.

Conservatives keep bringing up the Libyan situation as if Republicans could have saved the Consulate or former Navy Seals Tyrone Woods, Glen Doherty, information specialist Sean Smith and Ambassador Chris Stevens. (RIP) This is a horrible act of terrorism upon US Consulate grounds which is the same as US soil in a foreign land. WHY ARE YOU REPUBLICAN @$$holes POLITICIZING THIS?

I thought the American PEOPLE pulled together under the threat or act of terrorism. I know in the days after 9/11 Democrats, Independents, Progressives, Liberals got behind George W. Bush. Sure we had our suspicions about lies, disinformation, incompetence (re: August memo) but we love the USA and supported our President when he really needed us.  (I even went “shopping”, lol, like Georgie boy told me to do)

Now compare THAT to the way Republicans have been wagging fingers and blaming since news of the embassy attacks reached our shores.  Even though these shameless Republican hypocrites cut funding for embassy/consulate protective services... REALLY?

OR what about the way Mitch McConnell and John Boehner didn’t do anything but obstruct EVERYTHING Obama/Biden was doing to save this great nation from a Corporate Crime Wave resulting from the Bush/Cheney disaster. (Congressional Republicans shouldn’t get paid for the last 4 years)

But I just can’t shake the feeling there’s MORE to this story than anyone is letting on. Romney, Ryan along with the Conservative Labyrinth are too well-rehearsed,  knowledgeable and desperate when they push this Benghazi story into every sound-bite, interview and debate. Until this terror attack none of them even knew what a Benghazi is or does… (lol) 

NO, naahhhhh, red flags are going up all over the place, something is going on and it stinks…Wait! What’s this?   

 UPI - 12/9/11 article titled “Security firms hustle in Lawless Libya”: “Western Mercenaries are moving in to fill the security vacuum in OIL-rich Libya”. (Oooohhhh OIL, that explains a lot)

SO, the war profiteers and western oil interests had almost a year to make Libya into their image and then just before an energy policy changing Presidential election… A TERRORIST ACT… jeez what a coincidence, right?

Ok, lets delve a little further into this conspiracy.

US Justice Department is investigating the events surrounding this terrorist act and are asking questions about possible embassy insiders who may have aided terrorists. Well, the next question any investigative journalist would ask is “who brought in the insiders?”  ANSWER, Blue Mountain Group, a UK private security firm handled the hiring and security around the US Consulate in Benghazi. huh…

At this point I can’t help but wonder who owns/invests in Blue Mountain Group. Maybe one or two of those rich guys that hate President Obama so much? Maybe Bain Capital? Oooohhhh interesting, Ann Romney’s grandfather came from Wales just southeast of Cross Hands from the Blue Mountain Group training grounds at Brodle Farm. ANOTHER coincidence, right? 

Blue Mountain Group, A security firm who instead of providing quality security for Benghazi, decided profits were more important. The increased profit margins by using the Mitt Romney model, hiring untrained guards for $4 per hour. Oooohhh… look at this it seems Rupert Murdoch recommended Blue Mountain. 

NOTE: (I wonder who’s going to hire or protect all those traitorous commie propagandists at Fox News once Karl Rove, Ollie North and Rupert Murdoch are indicted?)

Egyptian authorities have charged seven Coptic Christians living in USA along with Florida Pastor Terry Jones for distributing the anti-Mohammed video”.

Makes one wonder about the odds that the one gay Ambassador in  the Middle East became a target. A sacrificial lamb so the anti-gay, Christan Republican Party may live to keep the rich guys and big oil in the extravagant lifestyles they’ve grown accustomed to, right? Conservatives are the United Suckers of America

Hey Useful Tools, remember 1983 how Reagan cut & run after 241 Marines were killed in Lebanon? 

Spo101 and Charlie Stunats
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"You want Conspiracy motherfuckers, how's this for a target list:
1) Tagg Romney has been buying voting machines.

2) VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli will refuse to press charges against Colin Small for throwing away the voter registration forms filled out by Democrats.

3) On December 19, 2008, 45 year old Republican operative Michael Connell, accused of vote rigging in Ohio, was killed in a small plane crash into a home near Akron. Karl Rove was heard by witnesses threatening to kill Connell if he testified against the Bush/Cheney Administration."  

Concerned Citizens of America


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