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George Lopez in New Mexico

We remember over the years, volunteers helping to organize/educate Concerned Citizens for CHANGE and JUSTICE!  2008 was a good year... yet ANOTHER huge gathering of the PEOPLE for Obama/Biden & the Democrats. A victory for local community organizers and the honest, hardworking, charitable taxpayers who love the USA, right? U, THE PEOPLE must organize, Organize, ORGANIZE! (Grassroots local, baby... YEEeeHhhaaaa!) lol

"All politics is LOCAL politics" TIP O'NEILL

"Insider trading is what comes to mind when I think of the Facebook stock offering. Once again the SEC missed the boat and the banks sank the boat with all the little people aboard... FIGHT THE POWER!". Frank Esposito

 (NOTE: Esposito, one of the founders of  this site & links,  has always been ahead of the times. PEOPLE should'a listened... READ and weep...)

Desert Dispatch
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Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Letters to the Editor

I'm here in Barstow visiting my good friends at the Earthhaven Foundation for the holidays. (One of whom is a practicing Muslim). I like to get a feel for some new place by walking the streets, frequenting clubs and reading the local newspaper. And it's here I was introduced to one Dr. Richard Reeb.
I've been saying for years that responsible journalism is dead. Seeing people like Dr. Reeb getting paid for their commentary proves the plague has reached the local level. Take the word from this trained activist organizer... get rid of this right-wing parrot!
"Islamo-fascists!" There's Michael Savage... "We need to be wary of the wide-eyed believers..." whiny Bill O'Reilly... If I read on I'll bet Rush Limbaugh is in this pitiful commentary (Dec. 22) somewhere. We could go on about the lack of original thought and Dr. Reeb but the readers will be better served if I explain the root of this problem.
I have a theory concerning facts why the United States of America has become so divided. Now, I'm not here to blame, but while conservatives are lost in the cloud of ideological/moral/economic superiority and liberals remain stuck in the chi-chi '60s... a bunch of vain, self-serving, power mad, greed stricken, silver spoon cretins are ravaging and expatriating all of this nation's wealth and resources.
Apparently, Dr. Reeb is one of those that has fallen for what I like to call the conservative vs. liberal "divide and conquer" scam. Americans need to learn that a con is a con! Whether in a back alley or the Ivory Towers, the trick is to recognize it and not be played for a fool! So, I'm not ashamed to say a few fanatical, degenerates who've perverted Islam don't scare me a fraction as much as foolish dolts that actually believe capitalism can survive without ethics, responsibility and a accountability.
All smart money is betting on the new "Civilian Oversight Movement" to keep freedom from becoming a delicate concept. These are all the people from both ends of the political spectrum who are still thinking rationally. They've left behind the uncomplimentary conservative/liberal labels and call themselves "Concerned Citizens." Funny thing, when all these angry people got together they found out just how much they had in common! We all love this great country, right?
Frank Esposito

Quote of the Day: "It can be said that those who do not completely understand their adversary's point of view do not fully understand their own" -- David L. Bender