Saturday, January 7, 2012

Send them to hell in 2012

...and on the 7th day he rested

JESUS shot with rubber bullets while blessing the police line

HAPPY NEW YEARS ya b.tards...

Quote for 2012
Humiliation is a very effective punishment… except for individuals who fail in any capacity to feel SHAME!” Professor Dale Cassidy lecturing on right-wing insanity

For the Tea Party in 2012

I listen to Tea Party faithful, right-wing broadcast media, RNC and other political hacks talking about the terrible economy, blaming Obama/Biden. WHAT? Somehow news & politics missed the fact that 32% of our current budget is to pay off the Bush/Cheney bar tab. (because they wasted our national wealth like drunken sailors) Of course the debt went up under Obama/Biden, they stepped up and are actually paying off the HUGE bill Bush/Cheney left for them.

It’s called RESPONSIBILITY! Something Republicans know little about. You see, Republicans don’t want to talk about the Bush/Cheney disaster anymore. Apparently, they’ve moved on… and the Democrats/Liberals are too timid to call them on IT!

Bush/Cheney got their economic policy after they watched Martin Scorsese’s mafia classic “Good Fellas”. Scenes describing what they do when taking over the restaurant, sounds exactly what the likes of Bush, Cheney, Wall St, Romney, Milkin, etc used to loot most of nation’s wealth and resources.
1) leverage huge debt in the name of the business
2) out the back door (and off-shore) to sell EVERYTHING on the open market
3) raid pension funds and burn the place down
4) WALK AWAY free of any responsibility or accountability leaving whole communities devastated

Republican YOYO economics... y'know, You're On Your Own *******'s

The problem is Republicans have better spin than the Democrats. They can LIE without hesitation… Republicans have the audacity to revise history, interpret the bible and ignore facts/reality to further their own warped agendas or cushy careers.

THE TEA PARTY = Means the GOP USED to very successfully separate itself from any responsibility for 8 miserable years of Bush/Cheney. They fooled Conservatives into believing they were part of a NEW and IMPROVED political movement. They’re telling anyone who’ll listen that the Republican Party are responsible adults now… AND CONSERVATIVE VOTERS FELL FOR IT!

The results were evident during the 2010 mid-term election when Tea Party Republicans took over the House of Representatives with key members in a Senate minority. I’d like to call it a genius plan but the whole strategy depended on the stupidity of the Tea Baggers, Ditto-heads, Birthers among other Conservative wackos. Results that almost devastated the Obama Presidency who was busy working hard to save the American PEOPLE!

NOTE: (about 30% of Americans continue to get played for fools by the AM radio Limbaughs and FOX News)

Quote for 2012
“…if you get into journalism to be popular then you’re in the wrong business…”
Chris Hedges (C-Span2 “Book TV”, 1-1-12)

For Democrats, Liberals, Progressives, Independents & disgruntled Republicans

2012 is the year Americans start to get the CHANGE we were promised in 2008.

The first thing we must do is take sides. The PEOPLE want a full accounting of who stands for WHAT. Second, we need to drop any labels that keep us from real action.

Believe it or not, there are 1000’s of dazed/confused Conservatives on the American scene searching for answers and need help out of that deep dark hole known as Republican disinformation. I UNDERSTAND it’s fairly good BS but a con is a CON! No matter in a back alley or from the Ivory Towers, the trick is to recognize the CON… and not get played for a FOOL!

NOTE: (Really, how many times or LIES does it take a Republican controlled congress or President to totally screw over the nation before you people stop voting for these incompetent devils. I know, I KNOW… it’s only a coincidence every time a Bush is in the White House, Americans have to suffer through a financial/banking crisis/scandal) ***’n morons

I’m what could be considered a Progressive Democrat, but that doesn’t mean I won’t work with any other segment of this society to reach an ultimate goal. The destruction of the Republican Corporate Ho Party.

Whether one likes Obama/Biden or NOT… supporting Obama and the Democratic Party is the ONLY current way to make this goal possible. If Lefties do NOT vote for the Democrats then Republicans in force will win and then we’re all ****ed.

You people on the LEFT have a decision to make… revolution or politics? There’s NO in-between but you must ACT NOW or the Republican Corporate Ho Party will ruin the USA forever.

Personally I don’t think Liberals have the ciones for the kind of civil disobedience it takes to achieve REAL CHANGE. (read “Violence in America” Thomas Rose, Vintage Books) In America it always has to get UGLY before the PEOPLE make any progress.

Or you can join the Concerned Citizens of America ( and STICK TO THE LONG RANGE STRATEGIC PLAN.
1) destroy the Republican Party, the root of all America’s problems
2) once the Republican$ are out of the way, do a hostile takeover of the Democratic Party
3) force our government back to work for the best interests of the American PEOPLE.
4) the PEOPLE, remember “Of By & FOR”?

©2012 by FGE

1-13-12 - Thank GOD almighty Bill Moyers is BACK! "Bill Moyers & Co." premiered with an educational segment featuring Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson authors of "Winner-Take-All Politics". Every news person needs to watch Moyers to see what a REAL journalist looks like.

Quote for 2012

Somewhere deep in Conservative subconscious you know: I like porn and Democrats fix the economy” Randi Rhodes (1-4-12)

New Years Day 2012 sermon by Lloyd the Baptist
for Evangelical Christians & Pat Robertson

For he is the minister of GOD to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, BE AFRAID; for he beareth not the sword in vain. For he is the minister of GOD , a revenger to execute wrath upon those that doeth evil…

I bring a message from JEHOVAH GOD, JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT. Repent, the time is at hand and those who continue supporting evil deeds… WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE! Christians have been given SIGNS and you have been WARNED!

JESUS says “…satan thrives on hatred, greed, ignorance, chaos, suffering, conflict, war, destroying nature, etc. and those who PROFIT from such evil are his followers

The time is NOW, the stars are aligned, the PEOPLE are angry and the Mayan calendar predicted it… Republican World is coming to an end in 2012, and thank GOD, none too soon!

In the year of our LORD 2000, The GOP took on the seal of the upside down pentagram, better known as the sign of Satan. RECOGNIZE what the Republican Party has become since. Rick Santorum and Pat Robertson talking to GOD? Come on!

NOTE: (please tell me you delusional imbeciles aren’t still falling for this holier-than-thou bs)

No matter what lies/deceit money changing, false prophets such as Pat Robertson or any other right-wing Christian Pastor preaches… War Profiteers and JESUS are NOT on the same side.

No matter what those money grubbing propagandists at the 700 Club tell you, the Left doesn’t despise the Evangelical Christian Right because of your religious beliefs… They hate you because you made the evils of Reaganomics and Bush/Cheney possible. GET IT? WAKE UP!

No matter what the AM radio Limbaughs or FOX news are propagating, the Republican Party is NOT working for the majority of the American PEOPLE.

In case Conservative minds are so dulled they missed the SIGNS! Noticed the fires, winds, storms, floods, drought, earthquakes and environmental disasters are only devastating Red states and Republican county/city strongholds…?

How about that mysterious illness Glenn Beck passed on during his 2010 DC rally? It’s spread like the wildfires destroying TX, AZ, OK and NM? Do you have a headache/sore throat, Mr & Mrs Conservative? On painkiller meds?

Are Marcus Bachmann, Larry Craig, Rush Limbaugh, Rience Priebus, Rick Perry, Jeb Bush & among a huge number of Conservative men acting on their secret homosexual desires after damning such practices? I suggest anti-gay Christians follow the breadcrumbs to the truth. ALL THE SIGNS ARE THERE use the brain cells GOD gave you and STOP HATING!

Did the Iowa Caucuses cloud your mind? All those choices of the same thing over & over & over &… Do I choose the bold Reagan Conservative or Christian Family Values Conservative or that Massachusetts moderate Mormon pretending to be a right-wing fanatic or Ron Paul? (lol)
JEEZ, again?”

GOD BLESS AMERICA, Peace on Earth, goodwill t…"
:End transmission
By Lloyd the Baptist

NOTE: (One of the messengers, Lloyd the Baptist, predicted years ago. (See post “A Christmas Message…” December 20, 2009 on

1-14-12 approx (Romans) 8:18 pm Mountain Time. (3rd quarter score, Patriots 42 - Broncos 7)

Did anyone notice earlier during the Patriots VS Broncos game how Denver fell apart right after the “Focus On The Family” commercial ad?
John 3:16” for sale, right Tim? I'm not sure, but I think GOD is NOT happy with American Christians …

It was like JESUS turned his back on Tim Tebow because the LORD'S upset with all the political organizing going on in Evangelical Christian churches. IT'S GOING TO STOP, NOW!

Pat Robertson was so upset the last time he talked to GOD because the LORD told him the Evangelicals are going to lose their tax exempt status. JESUS is ready to chase the money changers out of the temple before Republicans destroy the planet... OUCH! Number 15 just got sacked again ~^~ GOD BLESS Tim Tebow, keep him safe to play another day.

Friday the 13th, 2012
“You can kill the Taliban bastards but you can’t piss on them…
” Val Sandy A.

WAR and rumors of war 2012…

See some results of our foolish wars. Watch Anthony Bourdain “No Reservations” 2008 episode titled “Laos Education”. Funny how the US broadcast news media missed this story.

War mongering Right-wing Christians such Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, etc… are more of a danger to Democracy and the human race than any other segment of our society. Especially now that all the GOP presidential hopefuls are war whining about Iran.

These war mongers discourage the Obama/Biden thought process about a leaner, smarter military. Republicans love overblown, expensive conflicts and admire War Profiteers… Republicans will do whatever it takes, including LIE to the American PEOPLE, to keep them in the extravagant lifestyles they’ve grown accustomed to.

Expect great evil, lies, deceit from the Republican Party in 2012 because that’s all they got. Obama/Biden proved they can govern well and they definitely proved there’s a more intelligent way to destroy our adversaries than ANYTHING the Bush/Cheney Administration planned.

Quote fop 2012
Mitt Romney wants a powerful military presence that doesn’t include his limp sons Craig, Tagg, Matt, Ben and Josh. Let the peasants do the fighting, right Mitt? You Aristocrat you…
Maria sweet Abruzzi


*If Republicans win the White House I predict another 9/11 type terrorist attack will lead us into war with Iran.

*Luckily Republicans will lose 2012 elections in Biblical proportions. Obama/Biden will move on for a second term to make our nation great again.

*Conservative bigwigs such as Rupert Murdoch, George H.W. Bush, Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson will disappear never to be heard from again.

*Americans will wake up and realize China wants to destroy the USA from within! They will buy only American made products and FORCE manufacturing back to home soil.

*Florida, Kentucky, Michigan and Ohio will be caught in 2012 election, vote fixing scandals.

*Professor Dale Cassidy will explain why he hasn’t released his long awaited manuscript about the “Top 100 Most Evil People in the USA

*After the 2012 Democratic & Independent sweep, states will begin to outlaw the Supreme Court’s legislation from the bench “Citizens United”.

*Research in alternative energy sources will make a breakthrough that will revolutionize the way Americans think of the utilities.

*One of the Koch Bros will be charged with murder and mayhem.

*Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will be recalled and kicked out of office.

*A rash of eyewitness testimony in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona reports numerous sighting of Lucifer doing dirty deeds. The FBI will corner a suspect along the route 666 corridor in Arizona.

*Occupy protestors will wake up and realize there’s more to political activism than getting pepper sprayed and arrested.

*A Tea Party scandal will shock the nation

*Corporations will be forced to stop hoarding their record profits and re-invest in the USA.

*Ann Coulter will be charged for biting the penis off ***** ****

I heard Casey Anthony is doing well on the Satanist lecture circuit…” anonymous

©2012 Conscious Man Consultants



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Bow down and worship your Dear Leader Obama!

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You sense this and thus the angry monkey emerges to throw dung.

To summarize you are a pile of occupy.

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Retard? Hey buddy you're the one who voted for Bush/Cheney...

No Freemon, as usual a Conservative wacko is WRONG! I’m a Renaissance Man, I write, fix old ruined building and the most important thing I’m doing is help to destroy the Republican Corporate Ho Party before they ruin the USA! Racist, degenerate idiots like you keep supporting a political party full of liars and con artists even though it’s against your own best interests. What’s that make YOU asshole? I’m going to send the Warriors out to…