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12/1/2000 - Leaked CIA document Case# F-2001-00009:
“International Crime Threat Assessment” defines “Kleptocracy,
…rather than serve PUBLIC INTEREST, top leaders use nations resources solely to enrich themselves and their cronies. To cover up crimes the stage is set for social and political upheavals…”

Sound familiar America? The CIA will never admit they included USA “top leaders” in that report. I say anyone with half a brain already realizes something is just NOT RIGHT! One news story after another about waste, fraud, abuse, incompetence, corruption, etc. due to the LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES of our top leaders.

Am I mistaken, isn’t the job of our top leaders to protect the PEOPLE from “upheavals”? The problem here is NOT ENOUGH American PEOPLE had the COURAGE to DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY from those in power. Elected officials and public sector officers in general get away with the same things those of us in the private sector would be fired and prosecuted for. There’s NO incentive to be VIRTUOUS.

Not only top leaders in government but also those from the business world that have INFLUENCE over America’s future. Mussolini once said: “… fascism might more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of State and corporate power…”

I always use the example from newspapers on the date 4/16/99. Government, media and big business at it’s worst. Look at the headline: “Congress wraps up work on $1.74 trillion budget”. They should put more emphasis on that word trillion, maybe Trillion, no, no TRILLION! Oh look, the public servants are eager show they’re efficiently working for the best interests of the PEOPLE… So they can waste our hard earned tax dollars later.

What did YOU get for your money on 4/16/99? Sex, sex, sex, morality? My GOD, we might as well have elected circus animals to lead the nation. At least that way the American PEOPLE can go to the ZOO and watch them fornicate, cohabit, copulate, debauch, couple, fraternize, brawl and lick each other.

I will never forgive the media of that time for killing responsible journalism. *(FCC Chairman Kevin Martin wants to make media consolidation EVEN WORSE by 12/18/07) Living through the mind-numbing years of the Monica Lewinski sex scandal stories and Ken Starr’s expensive investigation, was hard to take. Even harder now that I look back and see those who most strongly fussed about Bill Clinton’s “nasty naughty” have turned out to be the sexual deviates.

What was Corporate/Financial America busy with at that time?
Back to the newspaper, 4/16/99 article titled: “Mattel to layoff 3,000 workers. WALL STREET CHEERED the news of restructuring, sending Mattel’s stock up nearly 16 percent…” WHAT? We all know how IT turned out now that our children have all the latest LEAD based toys from China.

Questions one must ask: How did Wall Street become the enemy of the American working class? What did the 90’s Congress legislate to make it easy for Corporations to move jobs out of the country? Would the police of the time blame 3000 Mattel workers for being VERY angry? Because that news article was about as “in your face” as it gets…

The reason why I bring police into the picture is because law enforcement UNIONS and associations have become some of the most powerful, wealthy entities on the American political scene. I can’t help but remember how many times in US history POLICE harassed, abused, beat, gassed and shot those who supported UNION organizing efforts. Public Service UNIONS have the sort of job/pension/healthcare security those of us in the private sector can only dream about.

Note: (civil servants my skinny Italian-American @$$… just who is serving WHO?)

How to recognize the ENEMIES of Freedom and Constitutional Rights

I don’t know how the other members of this “think tank” feel but I’m going with my gut on this subject. Right at the top of my adversary list is the George W. Bush Administration and it’s propaganda wing at FOX News.

I know it’s a stretch… but for arguments sake lets say Americans can forget about the 4000 dead, 30,000 wounded US soldiers and GOD knows how many Iraqi’s. Forget that Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld took the good will of the world after 9/11 and turned it to HATE and mistrust. The one TRILLION dollars wasted or the 20 BILLION dollars missing or the 175,000 weapons misplaced or all the arms dealers and WAR profiteers that milked our national treasury. FORGET about all the Constitutional VIOLATIONS, domestic spying, under oath lying, Justice Dept. bias, Abu G. , TORTURE!

IF THE READER CAN POSSIBLY FORGET ALL THAT… then the WORST thing the Bush Administration DID was NOT raise taxes to pay for the WAR. You wanna hear about Fiscal Irresponsibility GRANDE?

Instead, Bush/Cheney borrowed from China and Saudi Arabia (at outrageous interest rates) AND LET OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN PAY FOR THIS MISERABLE WAR!

If there’s ANYONE out there who can explain away Bush Administration CRIMES, please reply because I’m NOT GETTING IT! Just like I didn’t get anything Republicans/Conservatives have done since the end of World War II. (more about this later)

And what was Rupert Murdock’s (FOX News) stable of journalistic HO’s up too during the Bush Era? Bias stories to make Bush/Cheney look good. THAT’S SPIN NOT NEWS m’#*@/r’s.

Funny how the REAL NEWS never seemed to get reported or investigated. “Ohhhhhh NO! We can’t do THAT. The Bush/Cheney legacy is much more important then keeping the PEOPLE informed. It would only work up the masses if we investigated those two Law Enforcement Agents caught smuggling cocaine in their new Homeland Security role as Sky Marshals. Or if illegal drug profits are being laundered through campaign contributions. Or …”

I didn’t hear ONE #*@/’n FOX NEWS ALERT about how State Dept. Inspector General Howard Krongard stalled investigations into WAR in Iraq WASTE, FRAUD AND ABUSE. If anyone has forgotten, the TV airwaves are owned by the American PEOPLE not the media giants.

If the FCC hadn’t been run by sniveling, craven pussies for the last decade. We’d have news outlets that had to abide by their licensed pledge to PUBLIC SERVICE!

I don’t suppose we’ll hear the story, about how China has recently stopped propping up the US dollar and turned to buying up all our nation’s valuable assets, until it’s too LATE. Then all you so-called responsible adults out there can explain to your children and grandchildren how you let a bunch of silver spoon con men sell out their future and turn FREEDOM into a delicate concept…


If the reader has a personal favorite adversary, please reply and give us the dirty details (verified). This is a site for the PEOPLE to voice their angry concerns. No THREATS against government officials please! As much as I understand, straight violence is so unproductive. Concerned Citizens are here to HELP you change those violent thoughts into more productive action.

In case you still haven’t got IT. The ONLY way to change things is for the AMERICAN PEOPLE leave behind all those petty differences, get together, IN GREAT NUMBERS. This is the PREMIER internet site to organize this Herculean feat. If you don’t know then you don’t KNOW. (stiff)

NEXT: a few of my favorite adversaries

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