Saturday, July 1, 2017

Lets turn Insurance Co & Big Pharma Execs into beggars

Frank f/ ABQ call to Think Again w/ L. Nathan Hare on ESPN1520 

Healthcare premiums are going up because the insurance companies bought into the Republicans plan to sabotage the Affordable Health Care Act and everything else the Black Guy did.

On this 4th of July long weekend I want to declare my independence from the healthcare debate in America. How long oh lord I’VE HAD IT! 7+ years we been arguing over Obamacare, I mean Romney care ah I mean Heritage foundation care when it really is a simple matter. Do we provide affordable healthcare for all Americans or do we let our fellow American die in the gutter?

So I figured out a plan to bring this mess to an end. Stop paying your health insurance, don’t see doctors and stop buying pills from Big Pharma. This way instead of insurance company & big pharma Execs being on their yachts or on the golf course, they’ll be on the streets begging for quarters.

And who needs doctors anyways? Every time I go to the doctor I wait an hour to be seen for 2 minutes, they don’t listen to a word I say and then they give me pills for all my ills… hell I can get the same results going downtown to the local pot dealer who at least sympathizes with my predicament. 

Best part about my plan is it would bring down cost for the really sick. elderly and disabled among us because Hospitals would be begging for customers. Like the Republicans always say let the free market decide, supply and demand right? The GOP would lose its health industry sugar daddys and be running for the hills chased by millions of angry Americans.

©2017 by Frank f/ ABQ

"...NO lie, the Warriors, radicals, bikers, street gangs and the poor can't take anymore BS! Millions of angry Americans want Establishment heads on stakes. Only thing keeping them from striking out is the quality marijuana around nowadays...LMAO!"
 Charlie 'Stunats'