Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year - 2013 is looking bright except for pain pill epidemic...

AUTHORS NOTE: Brave & independent journalists & news anchors are RARE but for few who actually do job as 4th Estate... Thank you so much for TRUE investigative reports and the insight on how smart, effective leaders work in Congress.
I heard there's a slim chance we might be able to bring Nancy Pelosi back as Speaker of the House. Wouldn't that be a peach? Maybe that incompetent fool John Boehner can retire to a nice quiet bar and go ***** ~\***   *#*^! 

"Halleluiah and Saints be praised Tom Delay was finally sentenced to 3 years in prison… and NO I didn’t see the face of JESUS on your mug shot. Just the face of a money loving, evil, corrupt man who sold out his nation for a few bucks and some Asian sex slaves. It won’t be long before you are passed around the prison population like that...a piece of meat. Don't ya just love accountability? Anyways, hearts & flowers Liberals could learn a thing about how to fight from Delay who once said: "You don't just kick a Democrat when he's down, you roll him in a carpet and toss him over the cliff."   Charlie Stunats

UPDATE 2: those corporate pussiess at CBS News took down the embed share feature for this video because of pressure from Barbara Bush & Senator Mitch McConnell.  here's link to watch

UPDATE: Ooohhhh and Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell is going down HARD too...
The founders of Conscious Man Consultants cyber think tank are guarding a woman (V.) who says her daughter (combat veteran) died because Senator Mitch McConnell and his friends in Kentucky law enforcement profited from investments that included pushing prescription pain pills outside state military bases.
(NOTE: unfortunately V. has since passed away, died from a broken heart how US Government let her and her daughter down. It was a tragedy for all of us, but the fight continues for accountability)

What we didn’t know before her death was V's daughter (J.), because of pain, depression, illness and war injuries, had become addicted to prescription pain medications. Now at this point (V’s wish), I will not expose the details of what authorities call a suicide but what I call MURDER by Kentucky law enforcement who profited from illegal pill trafficking (documented by “60 Minutes” and movie short “The Oxycontin Express”, Current TV)

I wonder if Senator McConnell, the Pentagon/DOD cares so many of their Veterans are addicted to LEGAL pharmaceuticals (isn’t former 1st Lady Barbara Bush a majority stockholder in several pharmaceutical companies?) Hhhmmmm… Or that pill pushers are hanging around all the KY MILITARY bases, preying on soldiers, Veterans, wives and kids of soldiers serving oversees? We are transferring all our data to investigative news organizations to follow up on the allegations.

Personally I think the Senator should step down because of the disturbing nature of the charges. Senator McConnell missed 9/11/01, cocaine and pill epidemics because he's always too busy bullshit'n the American PEOPLE! Mark our words this pain pill/heroin epidemic will blow up in White communities everywhere. Only then will USA question idiot drug war policies when rich White kids are going to jail.

Republicans are abusing pain pills, psych meds and other pharmaceuticals. The plague is spreading to the rest of the population, Prescription pain pills are a gateway to the cheaper street heroin from Afghanistan for 100,000's. Who'da thought pharmaceutical companies were so greedy they'd invent a pain pill that could be melted down and shot up like heroin? (I'm talking to YOU PurduePLP)  

Rush Limbaugh was your gd oxycontin elvis, lol!

RWNJs on PILLS & GUNS. GOD help us all...

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