Saturday, November 16, 2013

Know your enemy

It can be said that those who do not completely understand their adversaries point of view do not fully understand their own
David L Bender

Authors NOTE: Once again RWNJ's, to see where you keep going wrong,  go back and read:
Critical Thinking 

"I know our Republican adversaries. I see the catastrophic results of their domestic, foreign and economic policies. Totally void of any virtue, they thrive on hate speech, disinformation, racism, threats, obstructionism, lies, religious delusions.

I listen to Conservative spokespersons like Rush Limbaugh, to local level radio hosts such as Bob Clark, Tom Bauerle, and I know you people have no idea what the Left wing is about. They insult and ridicule and lie and boast and if they were saying that BS to my face I’d say those are fighting words. BAM!

They have no clue that Progressives don’t want to take their guns away. We just want to make sure you so-called responsible gun owners don’t allow the kids get their hands on your guns and ammo over and over and over.

Abortion, like Randi Rhodes says "Conservatives love the fetus but hate the child". You want poor people to have babies so you can take away their food stamps, healthcare, educations, put’em in jail or just shoot them when they’re teenagers going for skittles or knocking on your door after car accidents? DAMN!

I’ve heard all the whining, excuses and I STILL don’t understand WHAT do you people have against Affordable Health Care for all Americans? I know you mofos, man...

According to ALL loudmouth bighead Conservative wacko propagandists, there are NO Democrats in the great election of 2014. Its only Republicans vs ObamaCare! That’s all they have… I mean besides Benghazi, birth certificates or bullshit de Issa (lol)

NOTE: A former Secret Sevice agent who guarded President Obama is on FOX news telling how he lost his healthcare... WTF? The scary thing is the number of weak-minded voters who fall for this bullshit over & over. HEY, Obama/Biden... If the GOP makes a comeback because you star-struck party loving pussies couldn’t get Affordable Health Care to work... I&I gonna do a very hostile takeover of the Democratic Party...
The economy, to this day I’m in awe of the shameless audacity it takes for Republicans to blame Democrats for the bad economy. The morons Conservatives voted into power have made some of the all time bonehead financial planning moves in the history of mankind. How does one even show their face after voting for the Bush/Cheney Corporate Crime Wave? Let me give you a brief rundown - Crony capitalism, cost plus contracts, privatizations, and WAR profiteering of EPIC proportions. 

Bush rigged of all the government regulators and guess what happened on Wall Street? The rich guys had a streaming pile of dog poop, they paid off Rating agencies to give the doggie doo a AAA rating. Then the greed stricken craven bleepers sold the steaming pile to unsuspecting investors around the world.

Then they borrowed TRILLIONS of dollars against the pile. After the Republican Controlled Congress of 1994 to 2006 ended their reign of economic terror. In 2007 Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats took over and found just how bad things really were, the FRAUD was exposed and within months the economy started to fail.   

That’s reality, whether you like it or not, I don’t care. I don’t volunteer my free time to convince Republicans or Conservatives, you people are lost and will never understand.  You may not understand but I know your children will. The thing you lug-heads haven’t figured out yet when your listening or spewing Right Wing propaganda, the kids can fact check you in seconds on their smart phones."     
"Republicans and Conservatives belong to what I like to call the Dog Whistle Club. It’s where wanna-be tough guys go to escape the shame of their poor voting choices or the insanity of making the same mistakes over & over & over expecting a different result.

A very few rich guys actually own the whistles and they keep the Conservative masses distracted from the reality that the silver spoon trust fund babies are ravaging and expatriating all our nations wealth and resources. They trained the Conservative wackos to be good useful tools 
Here boy… whistle - Benghazi… whistle - ObamaCare… whistle - Abortion… whistle- take our guns… whistle - Kenyian Socialist... OH & my favorite "it’s winter, it cold, so global warming is a hoax..."

lol whistle cow bells lol on & on.  So well trained to blame Democrats or dark skinned peoples, Right wing nut jobs don’t have to take the time to think anymore, just point fingers and come out guns blazing.

Naive Liberals better learn to defend themselves. Once the Conservative wackos realize they’ll never WIN elections again, even with the cheating/suppression... IT could get UGLY!"
Frank from Albuquerque