Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Progression for Progressives


Police arrest JESUS on his 39th day/night in the desert...

Winter Solstice 12-21-11, 4:56 am MST

These Liberal spokespersons aren’t getting down with the people they defend. I’d like to know when the last time Anderson Cooper, Bill Maher, Lawrence O’Donnell, Markos Moulitsas, Rachel Maddow, Stephanie Miller, etc… has been to the bad side of town USA? Well, I’ve been in devastated neighborhoods from LA to Detroit to Buffalo. Recently I spent some time in Rep. Louise Slaughter territory in Niagara Falls, NY

NOTE: (Stephanie Miller is from Niagara County, I’ll bet she’s never been to the part of Niagara Falls the tourists never see unless they’re REALLY lost)

Everyone should see how bad the inner city is just a few miles from one of the 8 natural wonders of the world. One can find the same devastation in Detroit, St Louis, Philly, Cleveland, etc… Block after block of burned out, boarded-up buildings/homes. Like Baghdad…

Voter registration, reaching out, educating & more HELP in poverty stricken neighborhoods

The logical next step for the Occupy Wall St/USA movement, since you have the mainstream news media’s attention: (I mean if you people really cared about the lower end of the 99%)

Occupy the Ghetto! Make the silver spoon journalists, cops, politicians and National Guard (sic) come to the inner city, the other side of the tracks, the so-called bad neighborhoods. Think of the economic boost all the hoo-hah will generate for America’s forgotten neighborhoods. Let the rock stars, Rap moguls, and campaigners spend money in the ghetto. (The ethnic Soul food, Middle Eastern fare and Mexican takeout is some of the best food I’ve ever tasted)

Liberals & Independents got to help those of us doing all the leg work in the trenches fighting the good fight. You pussies let ACORN go down without much fight, Van Jones, Shirley Sherrod, Elizabeth Warren… LIED about & SLANDERED by Conservative wackos, right? (now try to imagine what happened to the average nobody serious activists on the street) If you Progressive spokes persons are going to make a good living off US then you better get in the game BEYOND feathering your own nest like Arrianna Huffington$...

Well, I’ve spent the last 15 years going to poor neighborhoods that cause door locking terror in most Americans. I had this crazy idea someone should organize the 48 Million Americans struggling below the poverty level. Community organizing, voter registration, education workshops, supporting local protest movements and volunteering for campaigns… But in 2010 something strange happened…

The energy and involvement of the 2008 Elections was gone. In its place, were hatred, disinformation, racism and apathy. "Obama this, Obama that", "things were better under Bush, politicians should all be hanged" and “I don’t have time to fill out a voter registration form because Jerry Springer, Nascar, BET or WWF wrestling is on TV”.

(NOTE: someone added a hidden clause in legislation that makes it impossible to get Cable or Satellite TV if one doesn’t VOTE in 2012. a lol)

I was yelled at, harassed, had my car vandalized, and was jumped and knocked out by two guys… but the worst thing that happened was those self-serving idiots from the Republican Corporate Ho Party took over the House, State and Local governments.

All I was asking for was a voter registration minute. If you don’t vote then the Republicans WIN! Then we all f***ed. I am somebody

AUTHORS NOTE: (I don’t care what Cenk or Markos or Jon or Matt or Amy... say to diminish or badmouth President Obama. Speaking for myself I consider what Obama/Biden has done as pure strategic genius. President Obama has given the Republican monkeys enough rope to hang themselves with. This, while Obama/Biden has scored small victory after small victory...

The Obama Administration is serious, hardworking, competent, intelligent, thoughtful, patient… Like Nancy Pelosi as “Speaker”, remember? Conservative spokesHo's were tearing her down on a daily basis. This lovely woman... My Italian-American sister demonized until just the mention of her name would cause Conservative wackos to rage even though they had no idea why they hated her or what she accomplished. (ask any Conservative on the street and they'll make fools of themselves)

NO! Hardcore Republicans have chosen sides, they'll support Speaker Boehner even though he’s an incompetent boob.
These imbeciles would vote for Bush/Cheney AGAIN if they could... but Jeb is the next best thing,
right... ya fascist ****suckers.

Just look at the Republican Corporate Socialist Party antics since 2009, especially those silver spoon a-holes in the House of Representatives. These Conservative wackos are pitiful, WRONG ALL THE TIME and the AMERICAN PEOPLE KNOW IT! With an approval rating of 9%, YES 9%... the next step is Nicolae Ceausescu territory, y’know?

If the majority LEFT allows the Republican to win ANYTHING in 2012 then you become the enemy, if you’re not completely dedicated to the destruction of the Republican Party then YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM!)

Frank from ABQ,
(founder of Conscious Man Consultants and the Cyber bitch Slap series of almost prophetically strategic blog writings)

© 2011 by FGE

Update: 12-14-11 9:26am PST

Presidential powers in the DOD bill the National Defense Authorization Act are just what President Obama needs when one really thinks about it… Sure the decision to drop detainee veto threat enrages Civil Liberties groups but what do these purple pussy Liberals and Independents know about the President’s strategy.

First of all our Democratic leadership would NEVER allow this legislation to be used against American citizens without due process. Really, how long would the American PEOPLE allow such violations of the Constitution to occur before a violent revolution started? COME ON! Managia ala America. You people need to grow a spine and help us put an end to this Republican/Conservative Privatization Criminal Empire.

This is chess not checkers. Obama/Biden are going to USE that power to go after the domestic threat known as the “Conservative Labyrinth” (“Ominous Politics…” by John S. Saloma III) Economic terrorists and corrupt business persons have been a much bigger threat to the USA than any Middle Eastern fanatic. YOUR reward for voting Obama/Biden in 2012 will be to see Dick Cheney, Rush Limbaugh, Eric Prince, Donald Rumsfeld, Rupert Murdoch, Paul Wolfowitz, Hank Paulson, the Koch Bros, etc… in crowded holding cells wearing chains. Indefinitely!

It's about the Supreme Court & Judiciary appointments stupid
I’ve got a different strategy… If Liberals refuse to support Obama/Biden in 2012 then we have to go after the Conservative wacko vote. We’ll use the hatred Conservatives feel for Liberals against them. The wacko Ditto-heads are so stupid if we criticize Liberals they automatically gravitate toward our message of destroying the Republican Party.
GET IT… with or without you motherfuckers!

The Communists love the Bush & Walton Families
“…stupid Americans, buy something or GET OUT!” Cho, not Joe - 2007 caller to the Jim Villanucci radio talk show ("Hour of Rage") KKOBam770 in ABQ.
Occupy Walmart:
Force the Walton Family to bring all those Manufacturing Jobs back to the USA! The 6 members of the Walton Family made their BILLIONS off our suffering but now it’s going to end… It’s time for THEM to give back to the 99%... y’know, how the 1% made their fortunes on the backs of the American worker… using our ideas, ingenuity, technology and the infrastructure paid for by the American taxpayer. You’re NOT going to take away our children’s future just so a few evil ****’s can profit.
AUTHORS NOTE: SPQR speaking to a activist group in a church basement, downtown Niagara Falls, NY
(“…just look at our foreign policy schizophrenia since WWII. National Security my skinny Italian-American @$$ . Demonize the Communist, Soviet, Russian, Chinese, Socialist, etc… even though stock WWII film footage proves Russian soldiers greeted Allied troops with smiling faces. It was our SPAM meat product that kept them alive during the last winter of the terrible WAR. We could have made the Soviets our life long allies for the low cost of a steady supply of SPAM.
Of course our genius (sic) leaders, Conservative chicken-hawks and war profiteers chose a different path. The American PEOPLE were steered/convinced that the Russian and Chinese Communists were our enemy we must spend BILLIONS to fight. A COLD WAR where only a few rich guys to do business like Armand Hammer in Soviet Union, RIGHT?
HOW MANY BILLIONS did the American taxpayer spend to fight the Communist? A LOT, obscene amount, right? Korea, Vietnam, Central America, right? Senator Joe McCarthy, J. Edgar, Nixon, Reagan/Bush, RIGHT? Better dead than Red! Love it or leave it, right?
But then in 1990 something STRANGE happened… These vicious, greed stricken, power-mad, silver spoons found a Continent where people work cheaper than Mexicans. Tom Delay was sent to Asia to set up whore houses for the rich business people while they set up slave labor sweat shops. Then Gingrich, Gramm, Delay, among others in the Republican congressional majority (1994-2006) laid the legislative groundwork for the greatest looting of a nation’s wealth and resources in the history of mankind!
It was a cunning plan… First they’d hide Expatriate Clauses in Clinton/Gore bills that made it possible for billionaires to take their dollars out of the USA penalty FREE! Then they insured the venture capital of industry that moved their jobs to Communist China?
WHAT? I thought those commie pukes were the enemy? Just because a few trust fund babies want to screw the USA and all of the sudden the rich guys are ravaging and off-shoring all of our wealth, resources and technology to COMMUNIST CHINA?
…and THEN you Conservative wackos elect a screw up like George W. Bush? COME ON!
What about the economic royalists and trust fund babies who nearly destroyed our financial system for their own gains. Ohhh and let’s not forget a corporate crime wave of epic proportions but our leaders are wasting time on WHAT?
In the last ten or so years, where the f*** (beep) was our government while the economic terrorist enemies of everything we hold dear in the USA, ravaged and expatriated most of our nation’s wealth and resources? Where was our Homeland Security? Where was the regulation and law enforcement?
This isn’t shallow thinking or an empty argument… It’s not like we don’t have enough problems on our plate here in the USA or that there’s probably over 50 MILLION Americans struggling below the poverty level, without decent health care. Ohhh noooo, our government has to use our hard earned tax dollars to insert itself into every situation on the planet like a power mad cop.
Some crazy dictator is threatening his people… how’s this for a solution, QUIT SELLING THEM WEAPONS ya jerks. They’ll tell you it’s not so simple but it is…
It’s time to quit ignoring all the waste, fraud, abuse of power, scandal, corruption, media consolidation, sexual deviancy, welfare for the rich, contractor shoddy workmanship, arms dealing, environmental deregulation, war profiteering and constitutional violations left over from the Bush/Cheney disaster. A Corporate Crime Wave of Epic proportions… THE GREATEST LOOTING of a nation’s wealth & resources in the HISTORY OF MANKIND, *****’s.
NOTE: (just try and get a Tea Bagger, Christian Fundamentalist or Birther to admit 32% of our current budget is to pay for Bush/Cheney spending our national wealth like crack ho’s with a credit card. Ask ANYONE… 2 wars, tax cuts for the rich and Medicare Part iDiot were NEVER PAID FOR. What is the Tea Party? Seems to me these are the low information voters who refuse to take responsibility for their ill-informed choices of the past 30+ years…”
© 2011 by SPQR

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