Sunday, June 12, 2016

END of the Establishment (we despise & respect you NADA, mofos)

6-11-16 Frank from Albuquerque call to "Think Again" w/ L. Nathan Hare  (ESPN 1520am)

side note: Kevin f/ ____ thinks Bush didn’t get a pass? JEZZ! If I had any power the whole bush cheney administration would be in crowded holding cells wearing chains...
Remember a while back, President Obama didn’t look happy sipping on that glass of Flint water? Well, thats how I feel about this bleeping Election 2016 Clinton vs Trump Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

But theres a catch, all those Bernie Sanders supporters who were supposed to support the Democratic Party instead are planning a hostile takeover of the DNC.

On top of that Charges of voter fraud are very disturbing. According to exit polling, Sanders shoulda beat Clinton in many states. The Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity has filed a suit.

Now that the corporate media screwed Bernie Sanders & crowned Hillary Clinton queen of the USA 
...even though delegates don’t vote until July 25th ,  this election becomes about issues not candidates. This is the perfect storm for the Democratic Party and Progressive Democrats are the lightning and thunder on horizon.

Progressives are DEMANDING end to war on whistle blowers, END Clinton crime bill minimum sentencing, private prisons and FUCK continuing Rockefeller Nixon Reagan Bush drug laws! NO more NAFTA & TPP (shitty trade deals), protect unions & spend on US infrastructure. You don't do this Democrats... NO VOTE FOR YOU (mofos)  2010-2014 ALL OVER AGAIN!

together with Conscious Man Consultants / Class Warriors in So Cal and all the combatientes in New Mexico, we've come up with a genius plan. Progressives are threatening to only vote for Democrats down ticket & Jill Stein for President.

President Obama & Hillary Clinton got 147 days to REPENT & kiss Progressive butt or the Trump monster is their legacy. That’s one hell of bargaining chip, so bet, check but DO SOMETHING!
 (You my bitches now... LMAO!)

Oh one more thing, if President Obama and Hillary Clinton are listening ...I also want end to drone bombing and a years free takeout from Sammy’s pizzeria...
end call

©2016 by Frank from ABQ


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

ISSUES not candidates

Ok, idiot voters rather "HEEL for Hillary", ruining the sane Bernie Sanders for President revolution? So this Presidential election 2016 becomes about ISSUES not candidates.

Progressive Left and Trump Right Wing have more in common than one might think. We both hate government and news media but for different reasons. One thing Libertarians don’t understand get money out of politics 
toxins & Fukushima radiation are POISONING your kids AIR, LAND, WATER?  (you sick degenerate maniacs) 
privatization is giving away all of USA’s wealth and resources to a few rich scumbags 
bombing people of Africa & Middle East with hellfire missiles / depleted uranium... (really? evil much?)

Oh and biggest difference is issue #1 - Right Wing Nut Jobs blind acceptance of a war on drugs, private prison, police state! (GFYs)

examples of the New York Clinton Establishment police state

Heroin epidemic in Western New York? Establishment Pigs will punish the PAIN SUFFERERS, drug addicts and doctors, but make jail/prison vendors, the drug traffickers / Big Pharma rich beyond wildest dreams.  Blame Mexicans for heroin while knowing most of supply comes from US occupied Afghanistan, right?

Other than the two perps (never caught) who jumped our victim, beating savagely giving him head trauma, a good part of his pain/suffering is from police abuse of power while in custody. Without "understanding doctors", most pain sufferers will eventually kill themselves, either outright or slowly abusing drugs, cigarettes or alcohol. Politicians know this because they are the biggest pill abusers on the planet. They get the good stuff, miracles of modern pharma tech to get them thru the day, believe it. 

But the evil New York Establishment police state will have none of it for the “common PEOPLE”, oh NO its punishment for them. Silver spoon Democrats like Clinton and Cuomo keep "the people" under the HORROR of Rockefeller drug laws. Sick DA’s ready to overcharge ANYONE who questions the states authority to fuck society up, provide high taxes, bad sidewalks and pot-holed roads

Doctors are punished but Big Pharma who thought it was a good idea to create pain pills that could be melted down and shot up like heroin are exempt under the whores… aahhh, I mean politicians laws. 
Who came up with that idea… majority stockholder in Big Pharma Barbara Bush?

Dr. Eugene Gosy, a well-known Williamsville neurologist, charged with 114 counts” Buffalo News

Establishment sadists love to dish out the punishment for what should be medical/pain/suffering issues.

GET THIS ONE, how much more fucked up can a state government colluding with corporations get? 

auto insurance, ads tell its simple right?

2012 - A disabled guy in Niagara Falls, NY caring for his beloved partner, Mother of 1 dead,  1 disabled combat Veteran daughters... gets wrongfully arrested, tortured for 2+ days WHILE IN CUSTODY & denied his much needed  medication for the HEAD TRAUMA HE ALREADY HAD! (Long SAD story, IRS seized all their assets, his partner she died from broken heart)

Anyways, after years of recovery & LOTS OF WALKING, his father dies and leaves him a truck. So he wants to drive again. He’s an excellent driver, once trained in Drivers school obtaining a CDL. After hours at DMV (lol) last thing this poor suffering man needs to get back to the mainstream of society, is auto insurance. His brother even offered to help him pay for 1st 6 months of policy. For average driver in NYS maybe $750 per year, high but acceptable…

“oh NO”, the Insurance agents say,

“…you’ve went too long w/o having auto insurance, so you must be a deviate criminal, dreg to society and we must charge you $1500 with taxes…”

“What? The gd truck is only worth $3000?”

“nothing I can do, go walk scumbag”

NOTE: You see the sick twisted Establishment Pigs want to make life as miserable and hard as possible for the "little People", so their own silver spoons, ahh I mean kids get all the breaks and good jobs

50MILLION Americans below poverty, another 3+Million in jail/prison system, homeless Vets...
...but the PEOPLE get to WATCH their tax dollars pay for an extravagant correspondents dinner at the White House & BOMBING in Middle East.

the end

©2016 by FGE & SPQR

Saturday, March 26, 2016

classic talk radio call for Election 2016

NOTE from Frank from ___:

"I'm listening to nutcases war mongering & criticizing the Pope on WBEN radio, because the idiots who voted for Bush/Cheney (who started whole Islamic State mess) know better. They say the Pope is surrounded by walls and Swiss guard so he doesn't understand terrorism... lol This coming from FEAR/HATE mongers who live in a nation w/ 300+Million guns, militarized police departments & $Trillion per year Pentagon budget… WTF are you pussies afraid of?

Authors NOTE: Its  Dyngus Day in Buffalo, so  all you dumbass Pollack mofos, fill your squirt guns with Mad Dog 20/20, turn on your cult leader Rush “OxyContin Elvis” Limbaugh and whip each other silly with pussywillows

Of course someone in Western NY with a different viewpoint has nowhere to have a voice. Entercom Buffalo & local puppet news ancHOrs made sure of that. Group I belong to has tried calling WBEN & WHAM. Either not allowed on air or after one sentence on air hung up on and called an Liberal wacko. 
NOTE: WBEN also blocked us on Twitter because it was SO EASY to make them look like fools.

This unprecedented, we’ve called every Conservative talk radio local host in nation and was allowed to voice our concerns but NOT WBEN or Entercom. THEIR local talk show hosts take the Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity stance of never allowing opposing viewpoints on air (except when it meets their warped needs)

I think you missed whole point of Pope Francis message. History has proved again and again War solves nothing, torture doesn’t work and wasting tax dollars in Middle Eastern money pit is for fools. BUT THE RIGHT WING NUT JOBS AND NEOCONS PERSIST! MORE WAR MORE TORTURE MORE BOMBING will only create MORE TERRORISTS.

Think about if another nation invaded USA to shock and awe the people. I guarantee there would be a violent insurgency of MILLIONS who would swear revenge on the invaders. But the RWNJ suckers only look at the world through their own brainwashed, dazed selves. If we had the chance this is what we’d say" 

3-26-16 - Frank f/ ABQ call to "Think Again" w/ L.Nathan Hare

"I’m spending a quiet holiday weekend with a Saul Alinsky reader. (laughs) Been a whirlwind last few months hanging out with George Soros money,  sexy communist women & Bernie Supporters. (laughs) 

BUT my greatest joy is watching the Republicans & Conservatives trying to destroy each other.  I tell you it’s a great time to be a Progressive! 

Trump & Cruz are so concerned about terrorism, they spent last week fighting about their wives? Which is close to a battle field any of these GOP chicken hawks will ever come. (big laughs) 

When I hear conservatives wannabe tough guys war mongering I’m reminded of who started this whole Islamic state mess Republicans 
(host reply)

All Republicans have is putting down President Obama. I want to shake them awake. Reality... Democrats are better at fighting terrorism than Republicans. GOP is good at wasting tax $s making arms dealers and war profiteers rich beyond imagination. Bush/Cheney borrowed $2TRILLION from commie China to turn Iraq into an Islamic state. It created a world wide jihad…  even George W. Bush moved to his bomb shelter to paint pictures of cats. (lol)

You’d think hard head republican voters would have learned lessons from the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld disaster. But they just make excuses. You know the Bush "Surge" was nothing more than the 1st Air Cav. handing out cash to Iraqi tribal leaders not to kill Americans. $BILLIONS just disappeared...

Pentagon got the Surge plan from Barbara Bush, y'see Mommy had to pay off George W’s schoolmates not to beat him up during his cheerleader days... lololooooo..."
(end call)

© 2016 by Frank f/ ABQ