Saturday, January 2, 2016

WHO you calling a "TROLL" ya stupid clueless mofos?

The Serious Cutting-Edge Activist VS “the troll?”

Some of the Warriors are heartbroken social media elite labeled them the dreaded “troll”. This may be true for some social media ad hackers or RWNJs, but on the LEFT, volunteers you morons are labeling trolls are really serious cutting edge activists doing their job.

What right do social media users have to label ANYONE for responding to their internet musings/rants. There is a reply prompt, right? We don’t have a right to question some idiot calling Bernie Sanders a commie or Hillary Clinton a war criminal? ARE YOU PEOPLE NUTS? There is NOTHING any Democrat could do to equal the incompetent tragedy & political corruption of the Bushs & Republican controlled Congress 1994-2006. So keep your moronic false equivalencies to yourselves.

Unfortunately  we’re old enough to remember what politics was like before the internet. Back then they’d label the serious, cutting activist “outsiders”.  In reality we were the volunteers who brought local issues to national spotlight, but the powers-that-be hate that stuff.

Serious activists get together to debate long range strategies, something Liberals and Democrats suck at. But Republicans excel . Read “Ominous Politics by John S. Saloma III IF YOU CAN FIND A COPY! Saloma died mysteriously not long after he finished his manuscript in 1984 so his message of warning couldn’t  spread except among SERIOUS activists.

There's 3 parts to any successful protest movement, You need the political scientist types, community churches and the boatrockers. Each with roles to play in a campaign.  

Yea, but I guess most suckers…. Ahh I mean Americans will never know because they’ve never had courage to test the system… just so you know, the fuckn system failed on every level.

Back in those days it took a lot of hard work, sweat and shoe leather to get the word out about victims of police brutality or government abuse of power. Ask families of Tyisha Miller and Irving Landrum Jr.

Especially after 9/11/01, activists became the unpopular kids on the block. I’ve got the wounds to prove it mofos, lol. Just ask any of the Americans smart enough to protest the Bush/Cheney war in Iraq. The hatred and abuse of power we endured is almost unbelievable to have happened in the USA. 

AND FOR WHAT? For demanding ethics and accountability from our government and corporate leaders? INCLUDING using police to ruin our lives, routine traffic stops, fines, penalties, code enforcement, wrongful arrests and EVEN TORTURE while in custody. FUCK YOU TOO, bitches.

This is the United States of America and we have a right to be right. Now that we look back on the catastrophic results of Iraq war, I’m wondering why the whole Bush Administration isn’t in jail awaiting war crimes trial, Justice Dept pussies.
I know, I KNOW …WHY listen to us, never mind our 20+years experience, research and documentation… We’re trolls, LMAO! Fuckn silver spoon idiots...

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if I was a narc or DEA agent I wouldn’t admit it... DRUGS LAWS MY ASS! Talk about a serious misallocation of wealth and resources. Productivity like that in private sector we’d still be driving Model T’s, cooking on coal stoves and hauling ice” 
Frank from ABQ

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Is the name "Redskins" racist?

Native issue:
Frank from ABQ call to Tom Bauerle Show WBEN, Buffalo, NY  3-17-15

"I guess you’d call me an outsider but if local Native Americans say the name "Redskins" is racist you should believe them.
I’m looking at this issue as a political activist & community boat-rocker. Smart activists such as John Kane ("Let's Talk Native") know you got to take small steps to get change. Lancaster was just a stepping stone to the grand prize... forcing the Washington Redskins to change their name. The school board did Lancaster a favor, otherwise history of this issue won’t be friendly to the city. Go down to Mississippi and see the ghost towns like WOODville (lol) that kept their old timey racist ways. 
When John Kane was interviewed on WBEN it was one of few times WNY got to hear a valid legitimate argument on your Conservative wacko station…"
Click… Hang up

UPDATE: We're getting reports that many People in Lancaster, NY want to start a "civil war" to keep the Redskins mascot. Protest planned...

Frank f/ ABQ call to "Think Again" w/ L. Nathan Hare 3-21-15
U need more radio time. 1st caller Tony is just representative of the overwhelming anger and frustration that exists on the left. The Young Turks did a great video this week about attack Iran frenzy. Wow I cant use the words on your show
Everything you said is on the money, video can be so damning, like the one of Netenyaho in 2002 saying how great the Middle East would be if bush invaded Iraq and got rid of Saddam. Just another example of GOP “wrong all the time cult

I wanted to point out the frenzy WBEN local hosts whipped up over the Redskins mascot issue was the height of irresponsibility. After all these years I finally got a call thru the Tom Bauerle Show, and I tried to warn the Conservatives in Lancaster to think about what they were doing with the protest. And once videos of the LHS protest circulated in social media  it was too late… Remember damning video.
Of course Bauerle started insulting me and changed the subject going on about how he had a friend who was half Native-American and he lived in Florida & the south and never saw any racism, instead of sticking to the context of my call.

So I had to grimace, the next morning watching all the videos of Lancaster school kids walking down the street chanting “Redskins, Redskins”.  I hate to say it but IT reminded me of the University of Oklahoma's fraternity's racist chant video.

Now I don’t know Lancaster, but I’m thinking they have problems just like every town in USA, the community can rally around. So I went in the Internet and found
There’s an article in Psychology Today concerning the high rates of Lancaster, NY residents suffering from anxiety, depression and relationship issues. That seems like a vital issue.
Or maybe the article in the Buffalo News about how “The pesky open trash & rat infestation in Lancaster is not going away” That sounds like a REAL issue for the community to gather round unless people of Lancaster want to keep RedSkins ...and the Black Plague too.

As you can imagine there lots of Natives in Albuquerque, show I showed the LHS protest videos to a group to get their reaction First thing they wanted to know was where the hell is Lancaster, NY so I gave them some specifics, and One of my Native friends said “Hey, how would they like it if we got our kids to walk down the street shouting:  Polacks Polacks"?
end call 

NOTE: Frank from ____ ABQ, Riverside, Tampa, Niagara Falls is a bad mofo. He learned how to make a point in under a minute at comment sessions during City & County government meetings. As a complement to organizing real protest movements Frank used letter/e-mail writing campaigns, news comment boards & the talk radio to get the VOICE corporate media wouldn't give him. 

THINK about this: Concerned Citizens work for months to ORGANIZE a protest rally/march... and what, maybe 500 people show up. AM radio waves reach out as far as 17 states on 50,000watts. Frank from ____ has reached millions. And this guy can MAKE A POINT!

This video/audio starts with calls for JUSTICE and ends with gunshots

©2015 Frank f/ ABQ

Sunday, October 26, 2014

American 1 issue voters exposed! ...but Progressive voices squashed

Next, we’d like to call out Mr/MS 1 issue voter who somehow made the leap from a woman having free choice over HER OWN BODY to Liberals killing millions of babies. There’s danger in being a 1 issue voter. You get blinded by your cause to everything else going on. Conservative Christians call themselves pro-life but THAT isn’t really true is it. How many lives were wasted under Republican rule?

8 years of Reagan, 4 years of Bush Sr, a Republican controlled Congress from 1994 to 2006, 8 years of Bush/Cheney,  and just when I thought the GOP couldn’t get any worst,  6 excruciating years of Tea Party. What did Republicans do for you, Mr/MS 1 issue voter? diddly squat! lol The GOP will never do anything about abortion because they couldn’t win an election without that issue to fool voters.

WATCH any Candidate that uses abortion issue &/or Morality as main draw, believe us... they have MANY EVIL PLANS behind the scenes!

Now here’s Mr/MS 1 issue voter, who’s been convinced by GOP funded Pastors, that GOD is his/her close friend and JESUS their personal Savior because you vote for Republicans. BUT, let’s see what you’ve really been supporting while wrapped up blaming Liberals for everything under the sun.  I didn’t see anything about abortion in the Bible but I did read something about “Blessed are Peacemakers” Republicans have been an epic fail in that department. I just can’t see GOD and war profiteers being on the same side.

Also read about the “Least of my brothers and sisters” Another fail for Republicans because of historical level of income inequality caused by GOP economic policies.

The GOP has fooled Mr/MS 1 issue voter into praying to end affordable health care for all because the devils conveniently forgot JESUS was a HEALER! COME ON? WTF is wrong with you degenerates?

Wow Republican sure are full of the 7 deadly sins, right? And as we all know "if you support evil THEN YOU’RE EVIL TOO". And like the old reggae spiritual goes “...thought yo’re going to heaven but you headed straight to hell". 

©2014 by FGE  & Mary Goode

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NOTE: radio am1520 used to be Progressive talk radio for ALL of Western New York. Entercom Buffalo struck a disturbing deal with ESPN to bring its 2nd sports radio network to Buffalo/Niagara Falls region WWKB-AM (1520) They also run an extreme Conservative talk radio station WBEN so-called news radio 930. Breitbart and Washington Times conservative rags lied to report "Liberal talk radio goes bust". In reality Progressive talk was making money all over USA while Conservative talk has been propped up by the $ hoarders. It's simply about squashing Progressive voices to promote GOP agenda. They threw us a bone with a few hours on the weekend with "Native Talk" and...
Frank from Albuquerque call to "Think Again" w/ L Nathan Hare on ESPN am1520 Buffalo, NY  
"I want to thank you, call screener and your organization for this show. Where else can one find radio in WNY that allows opinions from both ends of the political spectrum.  Last week there was a few calls that I wanted to comment on. 

First the caller who asked what has Conservatism done for Americans was genius. Conservative live in a bubble where they can escape the shame of their poor voting choices. I've tried for 2 WEEKS to get a call in to national & local conservative talk radio with no luck. NO ALTERNATIVE VIEWPOINTS ALLOWED!
*SEE: REPRINT of a 2003 Strategic Activist Classic

In the real world, RESULTS are all that matters and the results of Republican rule are devastating.