Saturday, September 17, 2016

the "black cloud" of Trump/Pence & Republican Party

(NOTE from SPQR crew:
We'd like to thank Frank from ABQ for his ideas, creativity and lifelong fight against the sick degenerates in Republican Party. Why he isn't getting PAID for his commentary or on a major campaign staff, instead of clueless silver spoons that have RUINED our news media & politics, says something about our flawed system & social order)

Frank f/ ABQ call to "Think Again" w/ L. Nathan Hare, 9-17-16 on radio ESPN1520:

"I’ve been told I possess a talent to turn any subject into a rant against my dreaded arch enemy the Republican corporate Ho Party. I’d like to show a correlation between the GOP and the 2016 Buffalo Bills. I don’t know if it was this show I called last April and warned the moment Coach Rex Ryan introduced & endorsed Donald Trump at the Buffalo rally he’d bring bad juju (bad luck) to the team and a black cloud over Western NY. Because the Pegula’s put their trust in FAT Republicans, the Buffalo Bills on track to have worst season EVER!

Here’s a team that was on the verge of greatness with a top rated defense only to have Ryan family Republicans come in and turn into the team disaster we saw Thursday nite game. I talked about signs last week and think this is exactly what will happen to the USA if Trump/Pence & GOP wins ANYTHING in 2016.

Like the Republicans, coach Ryan didn’t take responsibility for his mistakes only to blame team failures on the wrong guy. Exactly what the GOP did for last 7+years to the Obama/Biden Administration completely ignoring the war crimes and economic collapse of Bush/Cheney. Apparently Republican Voters aren’t smart enough to understand EVIL GOP YOYO economics

…yes I said YOYO You’re On Your Own …suckers!

I noticed Trump/Pence got endorsed by Police Unions after he vowed to be the police state administration, where he’ll rule with an iron fist and target anyone who speaks out against him or ANY of the silver spoon trust fund babies that have ruined USA politics and news media!

Not unlike the NFL authorities who suspended some of Buffalo Bills best players for marijuana use, targeting one player with Crohn's disease for using medical marijuana which is supposed to be legal in New York State. oooohhhh...

I’m just saying y’know? HOW LONG oh LORD? How long will we let Conservative Cult members keep us from the progress and change Buffalo Bills fans and the American PEOPLE deserve? HOW LONG?

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