Sunday, June 12, 2016

END of the Establishment (we despise & respect you NADA, mofos)

6-11-16 Frank from Albuquerque call to "Think Again" w/ L. Nathan Hare  (ESPN 1520am)

side note: Kevin f/ ____ thinks Bush didn’t get a pass? JEZZ! If I had any power the whole bush cheney administration would be in crowded holding cells wearing chains...
Remember a while back, President Obama didn’t look happy sipping on that glass of Flint water? Well, thats how I feel about this bleeping Election 2016 Clinton vs Trump Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday

But theres a catch, all those Bernie Sanders supporters who were supposed to support the Democratic Party instead are planning a hostile takeover of the DNC.

On top of that Charges of voter fraud are very disturbing. According to exit polling, Sanders shoulda beat Clinton in many states. The Institute for American Democracy and Election Integrity has filed a suit.

Now that the corporate media screwed Bernie Sanders & crowned Hillary Clinton queen of the USA 
...even though delegates don’t vote until July 25th ,  this election becomes about issues not candidates. This is the perfect storm for the Democratic Party and Progressive Democrats are the lightning and thunder on horizon.

Progressives are DEMANDING end to war on whistle blowers, END Clinton crime bill minimum sentencing, private prisons and FUCK continuing Rockefeller Nixon Reagan Bush drug laws! NO more NAFTA & TPP (shitty trade deals), protect unions & spend on US infrastructure. You don't do this Democrats... NO VOTE FOR YOU (mofos)  2010-2014 ALL OVER AGAIN!

together with Conscious Man Consultants / Class Warriors in So Cal and all the combatientes in New Mexico, we've come up with a genius plan. Progressives are threatening to only vote for Democrats down ticket & Jill Stein for President.

President Obama & Hillary Clinton got 147 days to REPENT & kiss Progressive butt or the Trump monster is their legacy. That’s one hell of bargaining chip, so bet, check but DO SOMETHING!
 (You my bitches now... LMAO!)

Oh one more thing, if President Obama and Hillary Clinton are listening ...I also want end to drone bombing and a years free takeout from Sammy’s pizzeria...
end call

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