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DEMOCRATS or REPUBLICANS? Here's the ANSWER everyone is looking for

author's note: (and now back to a day when Americans had a "Speaker of the House" that actually got things done)



The C-Span’s are a gift from GOD. I wonder how many Americans appreciate the technology that made it possible to see our representatives in government at work? Instead of listening to SPIN or the propaganda loudmouths such as Limbaugh, Hannidy, O’Reily, etc…, truly great Americans can turn on the C-Spans to find out what’s REALLY GOING ON! Here, let me make easy for you with a rundown of today’s political SUPER BOWL. Then YOU can tell me the score...

C-Span 2
- Senators Jim Webb (D-Virginia), Byron Dorgan (D-North Dakota) and Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) were explaining the “Wartime Contract Commission”. PROTECT the American PEOPLE from the rampant waste, fraud and abuse in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sen. Webb is telling us that President Bush included a signing statement that he’ll ignore the legislation. As usual Bush Jr. will have none of this demanding accountability crap, right? Like I said before NO ETHICS, NO RESPONSIBILITY AND NO ACCOUNTABILITY!

- Let’s tune in and see what the Republicans are up to. Hard at work as usual wasting tax dollars. Rep. Mike Conaway (R-Texas) is hyping the 6 man football league. Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-Georgia) is TALKING ABOUT HIS MOTHER?

Wait, WAIT that blond bombshell Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee) has COLORED CHARTS! In a stylish graphic of red and pink hues, CLEARLY shows the SURGE is working. “…al Qaeda in Iraq is being squeezed down…” she said. JEEZ! And it only cost 2.2 TRILLION dollars to turn the red to pink…


It’s the 1st Sunday morning of the year WITHOUT FOOTBALL! I know there’s still HOCKEY, but there’s this emptiness I just can’t shake until the end of August. (GO Sabres!)

Instead of going to church I’m glued to the TV like any good news junkie getting a wrap-up of the weeks big stories. And what a week it’s been. If one closes their eyes, click heels and spin around 3 times it’s almost as if the WAR in Iraq has magically disappeared.

No WAIT! I’m channel surfing… Wolf Blitzer addresses the War issue with General Petraeus. WOW, the general actually brought up withdraw time tables and “shifting the burden”. Hell yes, BURDEN…

C-span rebroadcast the 1-23-08 gala at the Heritage Foundation. Dick Cheney got a standing ovation after speaking about FISA (Foreign Intelligence {ha} Surveillance Act) “…these terrorists want to arm themselves…” YEA, I’m sure Dick, his buddy Rumsfeld and the Neo-Cons KNOW A LOT ABOUT THIS SUBJECT! They armed Sadamn, They armed Osama, fucked over the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, South and Central America. Oh yea, AND Bush J. just provided the Saudi’s with 20 billion worth of weapons… JEEZ!

Isn’t anyone scared by the fact that arms dealers and war profiteers are running our intelligence community and executive branch? BOTH Republican’s and Democrats have been their “bitch”. (oh and that Independent Lieberman, who I like to call the Jewish Benedict Arnold)

And the future isn’t looking any better. John McCain: “there’s gonna be MOR
E wars…” yEA, do ya THINK? After the way the Republicans have been arming the planet and setting up dictatorships for the past 50 years. “Live by the sword, DIE BY THE SWORDm’#*@/rs.

By the way, was anyone else utterly DISTURBED by the video of Bush Jr. waving the sword as the Saudi’s did their “Kill the Infidels” sword dance? NO? Too busy watching “American Idol”?

(NOTE: I really DESPISE all you silly, ignorant, self-absorbed, victimized, apathetic, celebrity worshipping COWARDS! Maybe the Neo-Con’s are RIGHT, you pathetic m’#*@/or’s don’t deserve the rights and freedoms afforded by the Constitution…)

"60 Minutes” did an enlightening interview with Sadamn Hussein‘s FBI interrogator. It seems this mad dictator wanted nothing to do with Osama bin Lunatic and pledged to keep al Qeada out of Iraq… So let me get this straight. As far as strategic advantage goes we had Sadamn’s Iraq that countered fanatics in Iran, Syria, Pakistan, Jordan, Lebanon, etc… And we replaced him with a trillion dollar Islamic State stuck in a civil war?

NO? A president would either have to be a complete idiot or money grubbing con man to let such a disaster take place, RIGHT?


…AND IF THE ALMIGHTY GOD led me here to make my point about the USA arming and #*@/ing over the entire PLANET, there was today’s “Democracy Now”. Amy Goodman’s heartbreaking account: “Massacre, The Story of East Timor”. If life was FAIR and American’s really lived up to CHRISTIAN VIRTUES… US top officials would be brought up on war crimes charges.

OBSERVATION: {…hey MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski, didn’t your father have a hand allowing the Indonesian GENOCIDE to take place? LIKE Jonah Goldberg huh? You’re NOT the goddess I thought you were}

Then President George W. Bush comes out in his LAST (thank GOD) State of the Union address. It seems W. believes if he finally addresss America’s real problems… NO ONE WILL NOTICE HE IGNORED THEM FOR THE LAST 7 YEARS! I can’t even believe what this ignorant, evil, petty little man is talking about. It’s as though Bush has a different REALITY then the rest of us.

Americans don’t even have to define HYPOCRISY anymore, just put a picture of George W. Bush next to the word in the dictionary. Then all you Republican voters out there can take your fond Bush memories AND GO SIT ON A CACTUS. The DAY will come when you all have to explain to your children and grandchildren how you allowed the con-men to sell-out their FUTURE!

Well, according to FOX news, I’m the one that’s full of $#!^. They have “focus groups” and Republican spokespeople that are giving Bush’s speech high marks and positive responses. They even had some asshole that had a graph chart

Back to 1-29-08

HA! The polls are closed in Florida and it’s clear Rudy Giuliani is finished. Y’know the Italian-Americans in New York have a joke about Rudy. Something about Giuliani getting rid of the mafia in NYC and then the U.S. government took over ORGANIZED CRIME!

All the County Sheriffs around the nation are VERY disappointed right now. Examples such as Bernalillo County Sheriff Darrin White who’s hoping to get Heather Wilsons Congressional seat. I’d have to say I DON’T TRUST THE JUDGMENT of these New Mexico Republicans.


Rudy Giuliani AND JOHN EDWARDS ARE DROPPING OUT OF THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE! I swear to GOD the #*@/’n Democrats, I love you mad SOB’s BUT YOU JUST CAN’T PICK A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE. I guess I have to go with Obama now, if for no other reason than a Clinton nomination will polarize, mobilize, ignotize, stupisize, the average m’#*@/’n Republican voter. Don't get me wrong I love Obama and his message of change but I really had a good feeling about Edwards. Middle aged white guys just can't get a break anymore.



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