Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"this machine kills fascists" (*OR Tear the Koch Bros Down)

*Warning: this video may harm tender sensibilities

Quote of the day:
“My Daddy always taught me to NEVER under-estimate the damage stupid people can do. Bush/Cheney winning in 2000 is the best example I can come up with.. Bush/Cheney and the Republican controlled Congress (1994-2006) were like Captain Francesco Schettino first steering the ship into the rocks and then abandoning a sinking ship Concordia… Bush/Cheney sank our economy and then the GOP abandon good governance to go ashore to become obstructionists.
The real problem is how Republican voters REFUSE to take responsibility for their poor choices. I can only hope and pray these bucktooth, inbred, deadneck, ignorant, racist, Conservative wacko mofo’s don’t top past MISTAKES by VOTING again. (lol) I don’t know about YOU imbeciles, but after Reaganomics and the Bush/Cheney catastrophes, I’ll help start a * revolution if Republicans win the White House ever again.
Don’t hate the GOP because I’m some limp-wrested, peace & love Liberal, I hate Republicans because THEY’RE WRONG ALL THE fucking TIME! *n idiots, THIS, ain't your Mommy's LEFT Wing, we want to fuck the Neo-Cons up!” 
 Jesse james Jones



coreyratz said...

Let me guess....You work for one of the many many government agencies? You're wrong at so many levels. Get a clue you communist!

SPQR said...

Communist? I noticed your love of JESUS seems to have lost the meaning of what the Prince of Peace was really about. I know, I KNOW... JESUS is every Conservative wacko Evangelical's best friend and personal Savior

Sal Celeste said...

coreyRATZ, Please tell all us so-called communists how we are wrong, about what? Be specific, you know, CONTENT! I know everyone here & NO ONE works for the government. So you started out assuming a false pretense probably heard on Fox news.
Wow, a Conservative wacko who is WRONG, it's become a real trend over the last 30 years, hasn't it asshole!