Sunday, November 6, 2016

END of Frank f/ ABQ ...OR *117 cell phone minutes on hold I'll never get back

last Frank f/ ABQ call to "Keep Hope Alive" radio show
(that didn't make it on air) 

"A good souls to the polls Sunday to you all… this isn’t why I called but

I got a good laugh other night,  My friend Rev. Chris said, it was because news that Cleveland Ohio polls were leaning toward Trump, GOD caused the dark rain cloud that stopped game 7 so Cubs cld win World Series

Truest thing you’ll ever hear is:

You know what really scares me abt these latest polls? If Election 2016 is too close to call, the Republican House gets to pick the next President.  Anyone who tells you midterm elections are not vital for CHANGE is NOT YOUR FRIEND!

A true Progressive like myself was supporting Senator Bernie Sanders, however, think I can speak for most Progressives, the thought of Trump/Pence Adm. fascist, 'stop and frisk', police state aaahhh excuse me, I mean the 'law and order' administration is too terrifying, so we will support Hillary.

Now I don’t mean Black Voters any disrespect, I’m certainly NO racist, I’m just a loud Italian-American voicing my opinion with brutal honesty… but here’s the thing.

Polls are all over the news that Black voters in swing states are voting way below 2012 early voting levels…  In vital states like Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan or pick a city: Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, New Orleans. ... the black vote is down 30 percent or more. Can anyone tell me if this is voter suppression or apathy? 

Hillary supporters are so caught up in the election they don’t realize how heartbreaking it was for Progressives to see candidates like Senator Sanders, Alan Grayson going down in primaries & Tim Canova getting  beat by Debbie Wasserman Shultz who got kicked out of the DNC for being Madamn Madusa"

©2016 by Frank f/ ABQ


"I got a call the other night from my friend Mary Goode in SoCal, she was at happy hour & obviously feeling good being a connoisseur  of top self tequila. She said something that put everything in prospective
She said:
way to think about Election 2016 without throwing up is to focus on destroying the Republican Party".

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