Monday, December 17, 2012

"guns... and god?

     I hear the Conservative spokes-holes blaming the effects of violent movies and video games on these young mass murderers. I have a different view… What kind of example have you Conservative wackos set for your children? All the disinformation, hate speech and racism combined with the holier-than-thou, know-it-all BS spewed out by TV/radio propagandists. The children are a hell of lot smarter than any Ditto-head or FOX Nation groupie. They have technology that they can fact check you\r BULLSHIT in a matter of seconds.
    So they know Republicans/Conservative are living the very definition of insanity, making the same mistakes over & over expecting a different result. The Right-wing Christians, NRA and other lobbyists with huge campaign war chest$ have screwed over their parents minds AND THE CHILDREN KNOW IT!  A WAR on Christmas… REALLY? ...and so impressionables (weak minds) act out.
   I don’t know if Americans are paying attention but every one of these mass murders in the last decade have a connection to Conservative ideology. Like I said "weak minds".

"I waited for a few days to cool down but it didn't work... I apologize for bringing politics into this but change must come. I’m very sorry for the shooting victims families and the tragedy but Americans need some tough love to make them see the bigger picture. America’s chickens are coming home to roost or what they call bad Karma.

Only a few Republican voters shed a tear for all the children murdered because of the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rove wars. How many children suffered or went hungry because of Vulture capitalists or other idiots who believe our economic system can survive without ethics, responsibility or accountability? How many children didn’t have quality health care because US costs are 3 times any other civilized nation? WHY?

As far as I can tell, Newtown, CT is a heavily Republican stronghold and both parents of the shooter were Conservative wacko, NRA guns & god enthusiasts. BLAME THEM! First of all how did so-called responsible gun owners allow their mentally handicapped son get a hold of their guns and ammo?  I’m sorry but that didn’t sound too responsible to me. This happens over  & over, disturbed youth using their parents guns to commit murder. I say we should hold their parents responsible and jail them for being lazy stupid bastards.

The wackos are talking about arming teachers but I have a better idea. Let the teachers do their job, let’s hire armed professional security for every school. We could pay for it by charging all gun owners a yearly School Security fee and a security tax for every firearm or ammo sold. Ya bunch of anti-tax free rider assholes...

Second, instead of spending all that money on guns & god… maybe you should have paid for your precious boy to get deep mental health therapy? Y'know, like what Barbara did for George W... THIS IS AMERICA! By the grace of Almighty GOD and a hell of a lot of money, your mentally disturbed boy can become President too... (lol)

Honestly, with all the workplace violent revenge going on if I was employer, I wouldn’t hire anyone who owns an arsenal. The sad truth is people who vote “guns & god” and want exaggerated gun arsenals are usually the ones who are too mentally unstable to have guns in the first place. Yes NRA, blame the video games, especially that target practice app for kids put out by the NRA, fucking hypocrites! 

HELLO! THE LEFT DOESN'T WANT TO TAKE YOUR GUNS, we just want to put some regulations in place so crazy maniacs don't have easy access to high capacity, automatic weapons... GET IT? Conservative wackos aren't concerned with consequences of their actions, they'll give a weapon to any degenerate who has the cash. Lest we forget these degenerate, ignorant neanderthals voted to hand the nation's nuclear arsenal to George W. Bush... (the horror, the horror) You right-wingers really are hopelessly insane, right?

I’ve had to endure Conservative wacko BS for most of my life and I can’t take no. I have no hesitation telling the world that every problem the USA is facing has it’s roots in the Republican Party. Low grade thought processes that have plagued the American PEOPLE for decades. You want to talk about mental illness…

Conservative wackos are suffering from severe superiority complexes, odd paranoia, racist attitudes and religious delusions. I had a Conservative write me on Sunday, explaining that President Obama had fake tears for the young shooting victims. Really, do you hate the Democratic black man that much? Well, guess what, I ( and MILLIONS of Progressive Democrats) despise you ignorant fools too! You’re pathetic. 

For the next few weeks we’re going to have to listen to Righties whining about, “those damn Liberals” and our rational, common sense gun laws? Forget spending our tax dollars on mental health help for those weak minds, who have no where to turn except FOX News, street drugs, pharmaceuticals, alcohol or video games… Let’s just give everyone a gun, an Ayn Rand reader and let the fun begin, right?

Honestly, we couldn’t get rid of our guns now even if we wanted to. Thanks to Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rove arming every savage dictator and irresponsible fanatic on the planet, (who will eventually turn against us) so we have to defend ourselves from the godless barbarian hordes and Pastor Robert Jeffress. (lol)

Liberals...WHY are you laughing?  The genie is out of the ***'n bottle. We do need our guns to defend ourselves/families. These “guns & god” nuts are going to strike out… ONE right-wing crazy killer at a time.

NOTE: Conservative wackos need to REPENT! Remember, Holy Man Lloyd the Baptist said,
if you support evil, then you’re evil too”.  (see

Any American who is still falling for this Fox News, AM radio Limbaughs, “Conservative vs. Liberal divide and conquer scam” BS is a real un-patriotic moron… too stupid to VOTE!"

Frank from Albuquerque
 ©2012 by SPQR

*Merry Christmas, God bless you all in the New Year. My heart is just not into celebrating this year, it's broken...

threat of the day:
"To James Yeager, Tactical Response, (Camden, TN)
My nieces & little sister were threatened by your video, you didn’t specify who are the targeted victims of your killing spree. Can you see if a .338 Lapua ULR is pointed at you? BITCH!"   Pauly "the torch" Garbonzo

These NRA people tell Americans we need armed vigilantes in schools but at their gun shows no loaded weapons are allowed…”
Hal Sparks on radio show 1-12-13 

"Hey James Yeager, you brain fart, did you notice it was the Republican controlled Red state of Tennessee that seized your gun permit, NOT PRESIDENT OBAMA?"  Mike Malloy

WOW! Conservative wacko hypocrisy knows no bounds. GOD help us all... 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Something completely different one can’t hear on Sunday News shows

In politics, what begins in FEAR usually ends in follyColeridge 

First of all I want the readers to go back in time and read: Critical Thinking 

I understand what is right and what is wrong, what is good or evil, I understand VIRTUE vs SIN and I wrote that post on “critical thinking”, so you American people mofo’s better LISTEN to me: “Ike was right", WE the PEOPLE need to reign in the Military Industrial Complex. The targeted corporate money has turned our Pentagon and CIA into spoiled, entitled flunky bag-boys for the war profiteers. The HORROR!

Now that the world knows how our out-of-control military machine tortured Army pfc Bradley Manning for the better part of TWO YEARS, no one will ever trust the USA again when it talks about FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY, EQUAL RIGHTS and JUSTICE! This is an OUTRAGE at the highest level and should be treated as such. 

The crazy part of this disturbing story is that Manning was arrested and tortured for exposing/whistle blowing the extreme FUBAR in IRAQ. Where does one start when addressing the fuck-ups in Iraq? War profiteers milking the taxpayers, the mainstream news media that played along even they knew it was all BS, the “Blackwater” type private security companies, the signature drone killings, the formula used for targeting locals. soldiers getting electrocuted in showers due to shoddy Halliburton contractor work. (Halliburton moved to Dubai to escape prosecution)

NEED MORE? (watch movie "Fahrenheit 911") The SURGE, which was nothing more than truck loads full of dollars Bush/Cheney "chicken-hawks" just gave away to Iraqi locals not to kill Americans. (they got that strategy from Barbara Bush who had to pay off George W’s school class mates not to beat him up, lol) Republicans... YOU'RE PATHETIC! (and you don't even know it)

The WAR in Iraq was f***ed before it even began. USING FEAR, the Bush/Cheney Administration went out of its way to LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE to get us in this WAR in the first place… and these CONTROL by AUTHORITY stiffs detain and abuse this HERO who had the guts to stand up to FIX the warped system. FREE BRADLEY MANNING NOW! (you sick sado-fascists)

Results are all that matter in this world... The war in Iraq killed and maimed 10’s of 1000’s, almost bankrupted our national economy and those that profited from it are NOW working for foreign Governments/Corporations.  The best example of course is Eric Prince “of darkness” of Blackwater fame. After moving to United Arab Emirates to escape prosecution for crimes in Iraq, this Bush crony walked off with BILLIONS of dollars. Prince is now working with the Communist Chinese to starve/kill off most of the good natives peoples in Sub Saharan Africa so they can exploit their natural resources…  
Prince of Blackwater heads to Africa  (you do know people are suffering in Africa, right?) 

Nice job Republican voters… The WAR policies during Bush/Cheney are such a miserable mind-numbing FAILURE it will take generations of in-depth study to figure the true cost of human suffering and financial devastation.  GOP will be remembered as the Greedy Oil Pimps for turning our military into the FREE strong-arm hit men for Big Oil interests. The smart people understand the main job of the Pentagon/CIA for the last 40 years was to maximize war profiteer balance sheets.  No more…

Our Generals have been too busy carrying on deviant sexual affairs with the “Housewives of Tampa” to notice they’ve become Satan’s handmaiden. ( I thinks it’s way past time to finish the exorcism of the Pentagon Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin started in the 60’s, before they were savagely beaten down by Marshals and other hired thugs (read “Soon to be a major motion picture” by Abbie Hoffman or “Armies of the Night” by Norman Mailer)

We’re just waiting for LAW ENFORCEMENT & the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT to START DOING IT’S JOB. The PEOPLE need to PUSH THE ISSUE and make DEMANDS! Obama/Biden have no reason/excuse to avoid this issue any longer… 

I suggest we start our investigations and house cleaning by reading the documents that Bradley Manning forwarded to Wiki-Leaks (lol)


NEXT: “Why are coal burning energy plants going bankrupt?” 

AND Congress will probably screw up “Clean Water Act” this week when it looks at permit requirements for water run offs for local government and logging road discharges  (listen to 12-1-12 “Ring of Fire Radio” with Bobby Kennedy Jr., Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder)  

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