Sunday, March 13, 2016

vote or bust?

2/3 of Americans failed their responsibility to vote in 2014, WHY?

President Obama’s biggest mistake (or as our conspiracy members think calculated stalemate) was to take on healthcare as his banner issue. Obama/Biden got elected because the silver spoon trust fund baby chicken hawk mofos LIED us into never-ending WAR in Middle East.

On 2008-09 Obama for America organizing web site, blog titled “Activists for Obama”, Frank from ABQ BEGGED to keep the enthusiasm alive after the election. Frank & Conscious Man Consultants cyber think tank put together a genius plan for the Obama Administration. It all started with a “Kennedy to the moon” effort to energy independence w/ CLEAN energy & smart grid technology …SO WE CAN GET OUT OF THE MIDDLE EASTERN WAR, BIG OIL MONEY PIT! 

NOTE: The world so-called “great religions” want to fight? Get US troops out of Middle East theater, surround troubled nations,  barricade the arms dealers / war profiteers AND LET GOD HANDLE IT! 

Plan included an amazing “water for energy” pipeline (built along side the smart grid) to save our nations farmlands plagued by drought…

IT WAS AN ISSUE ALL AMERICANS COULD GET THEIR HEADS AROUND, clean energy and no more dumbass silver spoon, chicken hawk wars. Obama/Biden leading Americans out of the Republican “DARK AGES” 

… BUT NO! the idiot mofos were too busy celebrating their victory to listen to nobodies, right? Reality is after the Bush/Cheney disaster & Republican controlled Congress of 1994-2006 selling out American workers… Democrats could have nominated a Hobo from a railroad homeless camp & beat those chumps McCain/Palin (LOL)

 Speaking for myself, I couldn’t get over how Obama/Biden allowed BP weasel out of the Gulf Spill catastrophe with chemical dispersants… they LOST me. So I understand why the LEFT is protesting by not voting but unless you mofos got a revolution planned after Republican take over and destroy ALL your Liberal issues.. THEN YOU *******s BETTER VOTE!

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