Sunday, August 12, 2012

Critical Thinking

How to develop the basic skills needed for Critical Thinking AND casting a sane vote in the USA

"1) Evaluating Sources of Information - The ability to choose from among alternative sources the most reliable and accurate source in relation to a given subject.

2) Separating FACT from opinion - The ability to make the basic distinction between factual statements (those that can be demonstrated or verified empirically) and statements of opinion (those that are beliefs or attitudes that cannot be proven)

3) Identifying Stereotypes - The ability to identify oversimplified, exaggerated descriptions (favorable or unfavorable) about people and insulting statements about racial,  religious or national groups, based upon misinformation or lack of information.

4) Recognizing Ethnocentrism - The ability to recognize attitudes or opinions that express the view that one’s own race, culture, or group is inherently superior, or those attitudes that judge another culture or group in terms of one’s own

In simple terms - avoid the pitfalls involved with a closed mind or hate speech

Excerpt taken from “The Political Spectrum Opposing Viewpoints”,  David L. Bender/Bruno Leone, (Greenhaven Press)

…and years of experience in serious political activism.

"Wow, I didn’t know the Russian government was so weak as to be threatened by Pussy (Riot) lol..."   Sal Celeste


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