Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Ok, enough with the sarcastic humor and lyrics. Experience as an activist organizer has taught me, one has to do a song and dance to get public attention nowadays. LISTEN! This blog is dedicated to “ETERNAL VIGILANCE” and all Americans who fight to keep it alive.

The Best Damn Political Strategist is for Concerned Citizens who question authority and demand accountability, also known as the NEW Civilian Oversight Movement.

These are PEOPLE who still believe in “Of, By and For the PEOPLE”. Individuals from all points on the political spectrum who are still thinking rationally. They’ve left behind the divisive, uncomplimentary Conservative /Liberal labels and call themselves Concerned Citizens.

Funny thing… when all these PEOPLE got together they found out just how much they had in common. All wanted to keep FREEDOM and CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS from becoming a delicate concept.

No one can convince me there isn’t a NEED for such a movement. Especially since the media dropped the ball in their roll as “the Fourth Estate”. What the #*@/ happened to keeping an informed public? Responsible journalism is DEAD as the sperm on Monica Lewinski’s “blue dress”.

Our nation’s system of checks and balances has become corrupted. Concerned Citizens believe it’s the PEOPLE who must stand up and form a new fourth branch of influence to keep the Executive, Legislative and Judicial in check.

The all consuming quest of those that support the Civilian Oversight Movement is to DEMAND ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY from our “top leaders”. It should be a crime for any government official to violate their sworn oath to work for the best interests of the PEOPLE… NOT the multi-national corporations, NOT the multitude of special interest K Street lobbyists, NOT the oil or weapons industry or any other business or individual that would put profit before patriotism. What better definition of TRAITOR?

Concerned Citizens educate themselves to the ways of TRUE debate, righteous anger, argument, etc. We’ve all read THE text on this subject and know about the “Opposing Viewpoints Series” (Bender/Leone) put out by Greenhaven Press:
It can be said that those who do not completely understand their adversary’s point of view do not fully understand their own“ DAVID L. BENDER

I HAVE A THEORY concerning facts why the UNITED States of America has become so DIVIDED. Now I’m not here to blame, but while Conservatives are lost in that dark cloud of ideological/moral/economic superiority and Liberals remain stuck in the chi chi 60’s… A BUNCH OF vain, self-serving, power mad, greed stricken, reckless, scheming, corrupt, soulless, silver spoon #*&~!’s are ravaging and expatriating all our nations wealth and resources.

Apparently many Americans are still falling for what I like to call the conservative VS. liberal “divide and conquer” scam. Americans need to LEARN that a con is a CON! No matter in a back alley or from the Ivory Towers, trick is to recognize it and NOT GET PLAYED for a FOOL!

So I’m not ashamed to say a few fanatical, suicidal degenerates who’ve perverted Islam don’t scare me a fraction as much as foolish dolts that actually believe our capitalist system can survive without ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY!

I’m convinced economic among other POLICY of the last decade will hurt the United States of America MORE THAN ANY TERRORIST ATTACK! (read: Vanity Fair magazine article titled “Economic Consequences of Mr. Bush”)

There’s a wealth of information and VERIFIABLE FACTS to prove my point. All one has to do is search out the TRUTH. It’s the duty of any Concerned Citizen to educate and enlighten the general population to these FACTS, no matter what political or religious bias some may hold. This is the UNITED States not the DIVIDED States of America!

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