Wednesday, November 14, 2007

SpoAct Meets YouTube

On November 13, 2007, SpoAct made his debut on YouTube TV. The following day, the Blog World is also introduced to the world of SpoAct.


[YouTube Transcript]

Hey “You Tubers” , I’m SpoAct here to teach you to REACT. My purpose in this Utube forum is to give you people alternative way to view life and the world in general. I’m new to this but I’ve already observed a disturbing trend. I’m talking about all the UNSATISFIED ladies out their in You Tube land.

Now, broadcasting to the freak’n planet that your last lover is lousy in the sack might not be the way to go. Ladies you must educate your men to the ways of life and orgasms.

I can help by exposing an underlying problem with men. It seems apathy is a sure path to impotency or premature ejaculation. I’d have to say a majority of American males nowadays are silly, ignorant, self absorbed, victimized, apathetic, celebrity worshipping COWARDS! And THAT is why so many women aren’t getting the GOOD thang.

This wasn’t the case during the turbulent 60’s. All that questioning authority and demanding accountability had the males of that time ALL WORKED UP… They had their women cumming left and right and ALL OVER THE PLACE!

The present day male is ALL TALK. Macho bullcrap and expensive spin. I mean how else does a draft dodging pussy like George W. get to be a “WAR time President”. Sure, all tough guys with a rep but your woman would rather be watching TV eating Jello pudding than having sex with you.

Point being, if women want to start enjoying sex again you need to get together with men and take back this once great nation from those traitors who put PROFIT before PATRIOTISM. As a serious activist organizer, I’m here to tell you that community involvement is better than Viagra or any male enhancement product.


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