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Some Favorite Adversaries


Newt was on C-Span2’s “In Depth” being the elitist, snide, droll, REVISIONIST he’s always been. I couldn’t get through C-Span’s call screener with my question. I wanted to ask Mr. Gingrich about his latest organization American Solutions. Solutions to WHAT? All the PROBLEMS caused by Republican/Conservative policy decisions?

Especially the Republican Congress of the 1990’s, Mr. Speaker. The whole Lewinski/impeachment thing was to misdirect the attention of both the media and the American PEOPLE. While Conservatives EVERYWHERE were masturbating to Monica’s blowjob testimony, Newt’s Republican’s were busy selling out the American middle class.

I wanted to ask the Grich about all the hidden legislation such as the “Expatriate Clause” in Clinton’s “family leave” bill. It allowed the super rich (multinational Corporations, Saudi royals, drug trafficers, etc) take their billions out of the country PENALTY FREE!

Newt oversaw legislation/policy that paved the way for outsourcing of American jobs, off-shore accounts scandal, media consolidation, predatory lending and the “Corporate Crime Wave” (Enron, etc.) While Republicans were waving the American flag and professing love of our great nation, behind the scenes they were busy selling out our children’s future. Explain to me please Newt, what good can come from insuring the venture capital of Corporations that move American jobs to Communist China?

How many Americans have lost their livelihood and registered patients to double dealing Chinese industry? How many toxins have the American PEOPLE and their pets ingested? How many corporations made huge profits off slave wage sweat shops? How many Gingrich Republicans got RICH off K-Street backroom or late night deals? HOW MUCH DAMAGE caused by Gingrich since he was first elected in 1978?
Newt, you cockroach, please GO AWAY!

NOTE: If we had a fair JUSTICE system and responsible journalism Newt would be in a crowded holding cell wearing chains. Michael Vick gets 23 months for abusing DOGS, but Tom Delay is on the lecture/news pundit circuit getting rich. Yes Mr. Delay the biggest K-Street HO of them all, who with Jack Abbramoff, ripped off Native American Casinos, violated the Constitution, and set up slave sweat shops all over Southeast Asia.
Joe Scarboro should be in some Pensacola alley getting beat down by his former constituents. Instead he’s got his own morning show on MSNBC (y’know Missed Stories Nothing But Clinton. I do like Keith Olberman) ranting about how powerful the Evangelicals are. If it were MY show, the take would be about how Evangelical Churches should lose tax-exempt status because they are using the pulpit to ORGANIZE THE IGNORANT MASSES! (more about this later)

NOTE: It may seem I am picking on Republicans and Conservatives. I have more than one problem with Democrats and Liberals TOO! But it’s election season and the “B+B” is definitely coming from the LEFT.

Let us just say I am really starting to despise the Congress BOTH Republicans and Democrats. PAST AND PRESENT, the epitome of LOW GRADE THOUGHT PROCESSES. Everything they’ve done since Reagan is sell out the American middle class. We should prohibit them from making any new legislation until someone HONEST can give an accounting of past waste, fraud, abuse, incompetence, corruption, on +on + on + on…

You aristocrats like “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” testing? We should TEST YOU and take a CLOSE LOOK at what you REALLY STOOD FOR. NO SPIN DOCTORS ALLOWED m’#*@/’s!

AND THE LIBERAL GIRLS GO: “dooo dodod da do daaD…”

…people call me and say: “SpoAct, what problem could you have with Democrats and Liberals?” WHAT? For one thing the Republicans and Conservatives have OUT-planned, out strategize, out-organized YOU since the late 70’s. What is the LEFT REALLY ACCOMPLISHING? Well you’re watching Bill Maher and “The Daily Show”. Sure they’re funny, I love them too… BUT when one really thinks about it… WHAT THE #*@/ ARE WE LAUGHING AT?

Or the latest fad among Liberal women is MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”. (Randi Rhodes calls him her new boyfriend) Keith is representative of news rooms, cable access shows and Liberal talk radio spots everywhere. Providing JUST ENOUGH information to get us angry… BUT very little about how to actually CHANGE THINGS! I compare it to a sex tease, get me ALL WORKED UP with NO #*@/’n climax. Me soooo unsatisfied…


Since its election season lets look at an example of Republicans using Gingrich style revisionist rhetoric. I grew an interest for New Mexico politics during the 2006 mid term elections. Democrat Patricia Madrid came THIS CLOSE to beating (Bush-Republican) Representative Heather Wilson.

Madrid had the election wrapped up with a pretty pink bow… until THE DEBATE! Rep. Wilson is a strong speaker, always prepared to appeal to the macho military/jock/cowboy mentality that the world can be won like some (high on steroids) WwfakeWresting match.

During the debate it became clear Madrid was having a bad brain day. Asked about the economy she FROZE with a deer in the headlights look. “Ahhhhhbeeeeddddaahhhh”

After a few painful seconds I was screaming answers at the TV. There’s only so many issues one needs to be prepared to address. The ECONOMY IS A PRETTY BIG ISSUE to freeze up on. I can’t imagine a single reason why that look of pure terror would inspire confidence in your ability as a leader…

Long story short Heather Wilson won by less than a 1000 votes and is now running for Pete Domenici’s Senate seat. In this election cycle both Wilson and fellow Republican Steve Pearce are using the same patented answers when asked about the economy.

I make a point to call in when Wilson and Pearce make their guest appearances on local Radio Free Conservative station KKOBam770. I asked Heather Wilson about 90’s Republican legislation but she skirted the issue by bring up (glory halleluiah) jobs numbers. “Republicans have created 8 million new jobs…” Oh yea, “under the weather Heather”? Are those good paying jobs with pension and healthcare security? The host hung up on me at that point.

I caught Steve Pearce using classic Conservative propaganda when I asked this question (12/6/07) on KKOBam770 Jim Villanucci show: “President Bush and all you Republicans are always bragging about Tax Cuts. I’m confused… if you don’t raise taxes then just who is paying for this WAR in IRAQ, OUR CHILDREN AND GRAND CHILDREN?

He answered with some kind of gibberish about how the economy is growing at a rate that will pay for the war and tax cuts are the reason the economy is growing and robust…

WHAT? WITH A EIGHT TRILLION DOLLAR DEFICIT? (“smoke and mirrors” economics 101 for fools) And normally Rep. Pearce would have got away with it (because some super hero’s evil adversary put stupid, apathetic juice in New Mexico’s water supply)

BUT I called back at the 5:00pm hour: “I want Rep. Pearce to know I just called his office for YOU to provide me with the proof about how the growing economy is paying for the war.”

I mean if he’s spouting out that kind of BS on the campaign trail someone should call him on it, RIGHT? It’s called DEMANDING ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY AND ACCOUNTABILITY. “Eternal Vigilance” REMEMBER?

NOTE: as of 12/12/07 Rep. Pearce has yet to make contact and provide FACTS to back-up his Conservative bull$hit. I’ll keep all you NM voters updated. Maybe you people can find a cure for that “stupid apathetic juice” and turn your pitiful RED STATE to a better shade of BLUE!

I called The Villanucci Show one more time during the open line 6:00pm hour. I let everyone know Pearce was full of $hit and Pearce and Heather Wilson didn’t have the best interests of the American PEOPLE in mind… AND THEN right after my call came the rebuttal one can hear in any city in America. The cliché guy from New York City: “I was there when the Towers went down, I lost friends, we should TORTURE to keep it from happening again. Liberal this, Democrat that…” OK?

You brainwashed fool YOU! Here’s the thing Conservative/Republicans have yet to grasp. Sure we’re fighting terror (allegedly) in the front door but you people left the back door open to enemies of our economy. Remember our former enemy those Red Commie pukes? How much did we spend to fight them, TRILLIONS? AND WHAT BECAME OF THAT? Communist China owns a third of our national debt. Thanks for NOTHING m’#*@/r’s!

copyright 2007 by F.G.Esposito

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