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Time to get MEAN in 2013!

AUTHOR'S NOTE: First of all I want the readers to go back in time and read: Critical Thinking

Born under a bad sign, been down since I begin to crawl, if it wasn’t real bad luck… 
I wouldn’t have NO LUCK at all…”  Albert King 
ENTER: Sunset
Charlie Stunats trying recruiting speech on a new batch of “warrior” wannabes.

“Yea, all of the sudden Republicans hate themselves BECAUSE THEY LOST. It’s nothing but bad luck and trouble for the GOP from now on… Everything these evil bastards have touched has turned to shit… (for the average American anyway)

Conservative voters know their GOP leaders have LIED & cheated much worse than anything fuck'n Lance Armstrong did. They screamed and schemed and plotted and suppressed and organized and threw money at… for WHAT? So a silver spoon idiot like George W. Bush could be President? COME ON!

So some Southern Conservative Christians have the right to spew racist hate speech, preach violence, buy weapons arsenals and use Christian/Amway sales/promotion techniques.  JESUS would be so proud, RIGHT? (lol) AND FOR GOD’ SAKE, look at what these people have done since Barack Hussein Obama II was elected President… you right wingers have sunk low, man, REAL LOW! (one of you suckers should write a blues song)

Honestly, I can’t take it anymore. Watching these Koch Bros types using the Republican Ho's, the power mad police and mainstream news media to sell out American workers, deregulate industry and exempt themselves from accountability or any punishment.  That’s bad enough, but it's been excruciating ever since that war hero and old asshole Senator John McCain plagued the nation with Sarah Palin and her idiot appeal. Then they added the holier-than-thou, know-it-all Conservative Christian guns & god crowd… We're going to have trouble if we don't fight back... one crazy, right-wing, chicken-hawk killer at a time.  

WAKE UP you vain, foolish cowards... At what point do Liberals realize this is going to get ugly if Conservative wackos think the whole Democratic LEFT WING is a bunch of pussies who’ve never been in a street fight? Conservative wackos are arming themselves ya Liberal numbskulls. Do you SEE AN UGLY PATTERN/TREND FORMING HERE? These mothafuckers are insane! I don’t want to embrace or work with them, I want to destroy them before the imbeciles completely ruin my children’s future.

Fuck Abe Lincoln, he should have let the Southern states succeed, it would have only taken a few generations of deviant inbreeding for the greed stricken, redneck plantation owners to destroy themselves and then Blacks would have taken over… Instead of an expensive Civil War Lincoln/Johnson should have thought of what Obama/Biden have almost perfected, the (almost) surgical strikes (lol). YES President Lincoln, take out a few powerful slave traders, target the biggest slave owners, whack those worst violators of human rights... y'know targeted. PROGRESSIVES NEED TO USE THAT KIND OF TARGETING! Our adversaries are NOT AFRAID OF US and have it WAY TOO EASY...
C.S. (Co-authored by SPQR)

“If we will not endure a King as a political power, we should NOT endure a king over the production, transportation and sale of any necessaries of life.”  Senator John Sherman

The GOP is working HARD to privatize everything of value so a very few silver spoon, trust fund baby, money loving, satan worshipers can own the USA. Wealth is being funneled up, not trickled down, but FUNNELED upward because they know their power is slipping away just as quickly. Top Republicans are smart enough to know the only way they can hang onto to power is cheating… and if that doesn’t work, to perpetrate a police/court/ military/corporate, fascist takeover to eliminate rights/freedoms, to jail boat-rockers, intellectuals and Americans who refuse to watch reality TV. (sic)

Here’s the problem. Federal, State, County and city governments made some very bad decisions from 1994 to 2006 and then borrowed against pension funds, retirement accounts and Social Security benefit trusts… That was bad enough but then these silver spoon, know-it-all, retards thought they could make up for the losses by investing in risky Wall St schemes/derivatives.  The dumb@$$ politicHo’s don’t want American workers to know pension funds & safety nets are all gone… but most local governments don’t have enough money to pay workers back.

Republicans know this because they (ALEC) legislated most of the groundwork for this sort of waste, fraud, abuse of power, deregulation, scandal, mad lending, war profiteering and corporate crime wave during the Bush/Cheney disaster that almost brought down the world’s economy… 

Even worse, the peoples of every nation on the planet now despise us for being so stupid to elect a fool like George W. Bush  or con artist, money loving devils such as Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove, Gingrich, Delay, Gramm, etc… Foreigners watch our idiot reality shows like Jerry Springer or Honey Boo Boo or Jersey Shores, then investigate our educational system and realize a growing number of Americans have become fat, lazy and very stupid.

Stupid enough to send their money to false prophets like Pat Robertson or get stuck in adjustable or reverse mortgages.  Stupid enough to keep voting for the same con artists over  & over & over &.., like they’re all f***n insane… Foreigners don’t respect us anymore, do they Rupert? AND BECAUSE OF BUSH/CHENEY DEBT, we owe the foreigners a hell of a lot of money. (future debt slaves)

NOTE: leaked intelligence service documents:
"Secret planning bunker for Kim Jong-Un. North Korea’s Presidential ****** wants to eat Big Macs in the Big Apple, **** American party girls and sleep in the White House.  This cubby little mad man has plans to CHOP UP fat Americans and feed them to his people".  

Good night and good luck suckers!

I’m convinced Republicans are suffering from some propaganda induced madness. Severe superiority complexes, odd paranoia, racial hatred, religious delusions and all the pharmaceuticals Conservatives are ingesting have them making the same mistakes, over & over & over, expecting a different result… (insanity).  WAKE UP!

NOTE: (watch Rachel Maddow segment tittled “Solving problems that don’t exist”. Thank GOD for Maddow, Thom Hartmann & Keith Olbermann, Randi Rhodes, etc…)

I think what the Obama/Biden Administration is doing is genius. The way I see it, President Obama is giving the Republican monkeys enough rope to hang themselves. Eventually Conservatives are going to snap out of their cult stupor and realize Republicans aren’t representing the best interests of the American people.  The GOP wants to make sure the wealth of the nation is under control of the Satan worshippers. Republicans, you’ve been exposed… I can only hope/pray Conservatives finally own up to being played for fools. for over 30 years.

Authors NOTE: ( I’ve also had it with Democrats in Congress who DID NOTHING while 30 years of this FUNNEL UP economics almost killed the Middle Class. At least the Republicans aren’t afraid to admit they’re a bunch of vain, greedy, holier-than-thou, elitists. Either the Democratic leadership was too scared or too corrupt to stop the race to the bottom for American workers.  If they don’t ACT now and hear the DEMANDS for ACCOUNTABILITY from the PEOPLE then FREEDOM and RIGHTS become nothing more than delicate concepts… Ohhh and POLICE too, sure you stiffs have that job/pension/health care security those of us in the private sector can only dream about, but that DOESN’T GIVE YOU THE RIGHT TO BEAT, GAS AND SHOOT WITH RUBBER BULLETS any concerned citizens who want to see the real criminals/traitors punished. What you assholes did to the Occupy Wall St movement was a violation of EVERYTHING we hold dear about the USA. You jerk-offs became no better than fascists protecting a corrupt Corporate Ruling Class )

It was a HUGE mistake giving power to those shameless hypocrites in the Republican Corporate Socialist Party and their silver spoon pimps. When one brings the debate home to it’s roots or simplest terms the only thing that really matters is RESULTS! What are the results of trickle-down Reaganomics? How is the Bush/Cheney corporate crime wave impacting our daily lives? Is the 2010 Republican Congress getting results?  HELL NO!

GOD forbid we talk about the 50 MILLION Americans struggling below the poverty level… OR do an investigative report on the Corporate Crime Wave that gripped this nation during Bush/Cheney… Ask vital questions such as WHY are Republicans leading the charge to obstructionism, voter suppression, deregulation, union busting, debtor’s prison and repealing CHILD LABOR laws? (REALLY?) These un-American mofo’s want to get rid of an American Institution, the POST OFFICE for GOD sake…
NOTE: Post office motto Inscribed on post office on 33rd St. + 8th Ave, NYC:
neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” HERODOTUS 503 BC.
These post office patriots didn’t count on a destructive force known as a lame duck Republican Congress (sic, remember 2006? the forced excessive pension/healthcare payments? ...keep watching Jerry Springer,  morons)

Maybe USE the overwhelming evidence/information TO PROSECUTE evil, trust fund babies who are holding back capital, jobs, stalling technology and keeping gas prices high just to make Obama/Biden and Democrats look bad… (ask Jimmy Carter about big money working against his Administration) They TAKE but GIVE nothing back to their fellow citizens. Billionaire Hoarders! Goldman Sachs is throwing parties like it was the Bush era while average workers take hit after hit…

An American Aristocracy, who made their fortunes on the backs of American workers… the water, air and wealth of resources used to manufacture the goods. Used the brain power and innovation, with American ingenuity, technology, ideas… utilizing infrastructure paid for by the American taxpayer… And how did they repay us? The silver spoon, trust fund baby m’f***er’s moved all our jobs to Asia, fouled our environment with stuff that would make a bill goat puke and turned our politicians into a stable of high priced prostitutes.  THANKS FOR NOTHING ya dirty, rotten, Class War #^*~!...

So the most important job of the new American patriot is DEMANDING ETHICS, RESPONSIBILITY and ACCOUNTABILITY from our Capitalist Over-Lords (ha!). The Aristocrats and their Republican Party flunkies have a LOT TO ANSWER FOR! These vain, self-serving, power-mad, greed stricken silver spoon, Satan worshiping, con artists have turned the USA into the United Suckers of America.     



"I’m a die-hard, cutting edge, loyal Progressive Democrat and PROUD OF IT! I don’t want to form a new 3rd Party… Hell no, that takes WAY too much time. We have to stop the GOP NOW, before the billionaire, power mad, silver spoon, trust fund baby, devil worshippers buy another election.

With my plan in two election cycles Progressives can do a hostile takeover of the Democratic Party.  Hell, I listen to the Ring of Fire Radio guys so I know about JUSTICE and righteous anger. I met Abbie Hoffman before he was murdered by the Bush Crime Family so I know the secret about Violence in America (edited by Thomas Rose, Random House). Hoffman hinted Nixon would have never listened to the anti-war protesters if the Weather Men had been threatening to blow up corporate America. It’s so simple, our adversaries are not afraid of the Liberals so they disrespect you for the fun of it... It’s got to be some kind of sick, twisted game for them ONLY because we’ve allowed them to fuck the USA over for at least 30+ years with no consequences for their scandalous actions.

Just because you don’t want to fight or demand accountability DON’T STEP ON OUR TOES with your preachy hearts and flowers BS! A segment of the left must be tough guys/gals... individuals who are not afraid to fight for the cause. Just get me with-in punching distance of one of those GOP propagandists, K-St Lobbyists or Wall St. con artists. I (and hundreds of “Warriors” like me) would love to be known as the guy who knocked out Glenn Beck or one of those other Limbaugh/O‘Reilly clone mofo‘s.

FUCK all that non-violent, non-confrontational, hippie peace & flowers BS. Let those pussies who call themselves Liberals keep all that old timey, chi chic 60’s style of protest. You guys will have more than enough time to make your statement after the tough ones are done with the political assholes. So afraid of us, they’ll turn to all you long haired relaxed, philosophical, sex addicted, feather-nesters to negotiate the issue at hand... (lol, sorry, tough love y'know?)

That’s easy enough, right? We endure the pain... you guys get the microphone. THIS technique has been time tested in the trenches by a handful of serious, dedicated, radical political activists. WE EXIST AND THRIVE where 50 MILLION Americans struggle below the poverty level... and THEY'RE VERY VERY ANGRY AND HURT! They're also the ones that made the difference for Obama/Biden in the 2012 election, so give some respect. 

Here’s the thing though, when we get arrested you DEMOCRATIC or PROGRESSIVE CELEBRITIES got to break through the local news blocks to bring national attention to our righteous cause.  (when we helped organize a government/police accountability protest movement in So. Cal. I saw only Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton and a few Hollywood Celebrities, University professors and Church organizations who supported our good work. I didn’t hear one of these so-called Progressive Celebrity Spokespersons even mention our names on their shows while we where being victimized by police abuse of power and malicious, vindictive prosecutions by corrupt DA’s. Or show up at our marches that attracted 10’s of 1000’s. The last great protest movement of the 20th Century and those Liberal stiffs missed it all.

REMEMBER: Support us, bail us out, get us legal help. Don’t let us sit in jail, being beat down by sadistic guards. I’m no Mumia abu Jamal, mofos!   (lol)

It’s like this…”  

Special Political Operative 101

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©2013 by SPQR 

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