Wednesday, October 3, 2012

damning video - proves Barack Obama is a nig***

* or...
 How to distract right-wing numbskulls from the Romney/Ryan disaster 
Conservatives love Obama

Allow me to get downright mad dog mean to play devil’s advocate in response to the Drudge, Limbaugh, FOX and GOP campaign contributor’s effort to obstruct, slander and racially traumatize President Barack Hussein Obama. (lol) Many Progressives have identified this phenomenon as “Obama Derangement Syndrome”. (by a bunch of afternoon martini, constipated, Mad white Men with their materialistic, frigid, plastic white women. Think Newt & Callista Gingrich...pathetic, racially handicapped  people who want to set up Obama before the debate)
I’m supporting Obama/Biden this time around but I’m sick of all the veiled racism Conservatives spew on a daily basis. Hey tough guys, just come out and say what you’re thinking ya bunch of holier-than-thou, know-it-all W.A.S.P.’s. That 2007 video of Illinois Senator Obama proves he speaks in twangs of uppity-nigger tones and admires that America hating, Black Panther Pastor Jeremiah Wright. (lol) Those radical boat-rocking Black churches are SO much more threatening than the Mormons… right?
YEA! When was the last time limp-wristed (lol) Liberals like Rachel Maddow or Stephanie Miller spent any time in a bad neighborhood? I traveled through Western New York and Central New Mexico trying to register voters in Black and Latino ghetto hoods (lol) and all I found was a bunch of lazy, shiftless, substance abusers who were too busy watching Jerry Springer or listening to gansta rap or playing video games to spend 10 minutes with me registering to vote in some VERY important elections.
I know what you’re doing out there ya bunch of ignant, brown skinned parasites, (lol) I spoke to your poor landlords. You unsanitary, rotten bastards have abused the Landlord Class across these great United States AND THEIR BUILDINGS! No shit man… I’ve been witness to the degradation you monkeys have heaped upon these hard-working honest property owners.
Did you dirty, nasty losers actually let your pit bulls shit all over the house and yard without EVER cleaning it up or  giving a thought to the SMELL it was going to cause in the middle of a summer in the city? No wait, you slothful morons didn’t stuff the baby diapers in the toilet OR scape leftover macaroni & cheese down the sink, DiD YOU? Aaggh!

Or what about that time G-Pookie emptied that bag of mortar into all the drains of that old bitch landlord who kicked him out of apartment complex because of all the violent fights you and your girlfriend had every weekend after that case of cheap beer was gone? Don't forget Juanita is suing the property owners because her son tripped down the stairway due to untied sneaker laces and his baggy pants with the underwear butt hanging out... 
How many months will the weak-ass landlord fall for the old “I’m still waiting on my check” excuse? You pitiful bastards get off on making the poor old White guy/gal come back over & over & over trying to collect rent, DON'T YOU? Think they'll notice you just stripped the building of its copper plumbing pipes to buy enough crack cocaine to sell so you can make that rap demo at the recording studio? Aaaaagggghhhh... It’s so much easier to bag up dirty cloths, piling the bags in the basement next to the water heater/furnace pilot lights and burning it rather than going to the Laundromat…  DAMN, I’m tired!
(NOTE: the tenant horror show I’ve just written about is true, verifiable incidences I’ve seen with my own eyes or I wouldn’t have believed it)  
I say ALL Americans owe these downtrodden, taxpaying, income property owners reparations for the pain and suffering caused by an unsympathetic welfare, food stamp Class. In the immortal words of Joe the Landlord
I’ve been to the mountaintop and I’ve seeeeeennnnnn full occupancy by tidy,  paying customers”. 
The lower classes don’t deserve to vote, right? Only the landowners should be allowed to VOTE or exercise Constitutional rights and GOD given ability to receive government subsidies to help you along when times are bad because of Bush family incompetence and reckless economics... GOD bless the flag, unregulated criminal activity, Ayn Rand and Ronald Reagan...

Oooohhh, Libya/Arab Spring/Obama BAD! Bomb bomb Iran, Romney GOOD!

I remember a little ditty this cute Puerto Rican wildcat used to sing every time well-dressed White guys passed her by “…if you Black get back, if you Brown, stick around, if you’re White, your money is alright…”  
AUTHOR'S NOTE: (sorry if I’ve harmed anyone’s tender sensibilities, I was joking… lol
Conservative White people are suckers, right? 
© 2012 by Sal Celeste and Frank Esposito
From: "I'm Italian-American, not White... Anglo... Saxon... nor Protestant"
Wait, what was it ACORN did to attract scorn?
Thought you might be interested in this article from The BRAD BLOG! Check out 'National Republican Voter Registration Strategy Includes Lying to Potential Voters About 'Taking a Poll' in Order to Screen Out Obama Supporters' at:

DEBATE UPDATE:  Call to Ed Shultz radio show 10-4-12
"Obama lost the debate?  WHAT? Come on… I don’t understand all the negativity since last night’s Presidential debate. I think what President Obama did is genius. He did what he always does with Republicans, he lets the Conservative monkeys have enough rope to hang themselves with. Romney told lie after lie after LIE, and now it’s up to average Americans to help Obama/Biden call Mitt on it… 

The American punditry are looking at style when all Obama cares about is content. I actually thought the President swayed disgruntled Republicans last night with his cool demeanor and soft spoken style instead of the Romney sketchy, fast talking salesman moments..." (end call)

(what I was thinking during debate) " some Aryan meth-head put crystal in Mitt's diet cherry Coke. Jeez, look at this white man on video, smacking his dry lips with lies. WAIT, ohhhh my lord... is Mitt rubbing his privates? HA! Seriously, it's a sad commentary I wasn't stunned by the scope and level of blatant lying that came from Romney... In 2012, I expect it from Republicans.

Did anyone want Obama to charge out punching like Ali ’s rumble in the jungle? Hell YES! Of course I’d like to see Obama come on like Malcolm X calling Romney a white devil but THAT doesn’t win elections. Romney LIED to the American PEOPLE in a Presidential debate, does that sound right to anyone? Who the f**k WINS at THAT? Not the USA!

Obama didn't lose, they played it smart or what we call STRATEGY! Obama/Biden are counting on unconditional love from their base,  President Obama debated from the center right to attract Independents and Republicans who are disgusted by Romney/Ryan BS. Mitt the Twit will spend the next week getting fact checked and taking back EVERYTHING he spoke during the debate. “Trickle down government” my skinny white ass, right?

By the way, Jim Lehrer reminded me of a puppy dog humping on Mitt Romney’s leg... 
© 2012 by Spo101 and Frank from ABQ

A poor woman came up to Mitt with a baby in her arms and asked: “Can you help us Mitt Romney?” … Yes, said Mitt (he handed her a brochure from the Mormon church. Beautiful Ann gave them a hug while eyeing the cameras)


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