Tuesday, August 13, 2013

 Damn, about fuck'n time New York... How long do citizens of New York State have to live under the HORROR of Nelson A. Rockefeller drug laws?

FAX sent to state legislators across the nation:
"You want to know how f**ked up our government really is? The natural wonder drug marijuana is illegal but powerful LEGAL prescription pain pills are ruining lives EVERYWHERE! The War on Drugs has been such a miserable, mind-numbing failure there is no justification for all the money wasted over the years. I was listening to the news describing how drug agents were burning marijuana seized in State Parks… 

Ok, let me get this straight… Police State, ARE YOU PEOPLE NUTS? Not only do you WASTE tax dollars on all the law enforcement used for the expensive drug enforcement operations but then you turn around and burn one of the most valuable commodities on the planet? You ignorant, money wasting, m‘****s deserve to go broke. 

New York State proudly puts it’s tax stamp on fortified wine/alcohol fruity drinks that will turn one’s brain into vegetable matter in just a few months of use…  These governmental cocksuckers will open casinos all over the state making average Americans into degenerate gamblers… WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH A LITTLE HERB PLANT? (marijuana)

That goes double for the Feds… If I was a DEA agent or Narc I’d be too ashamed to admit it. Did you know the first drug law was enacted in 1914, huh? With productivity like THAT in the private sector and Americans would still be driving Model T’s, hauling ice and shoveling coal… Talk about a serious misallocation of wealth and resources. Managia! (lol)

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul wastes time on fake gun running in Turkey but ignores Hillbilly heroin/pain pill running in his own state. A plague that started in Kentucky (during Senator McConnell era) of legal drug abuse that has spread to the entire nation. I never considered drug companies were greedy enough to develop pain pills that could be melted down and injected just like heroin…

I wonder if the Congress and/or Pentagon/DOD cares so many of its Veterans are addicted to LEGAL pharmaceuticals (isn’t Barbara Bush a majority stockholder in several pharmaceutical companies?) Hhhmmmm… Or that pill pushers are preying on the wives and kids of soldiers serving oversees.”  

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