Thursday, March 22, 2012

Racism, Rupert & Trayvon Martin no more...

I suspect Trayvon Martin was killed because he resembled a young Barack Obama. What with all the hate speech, racism and Obama derangement syndrome on AM Radio Free Conservative Wacko. It’s seditious propaganda… I thought that was illegal in the USA, right?

For anyone who doesn’t already realize that Republicans/Conservatives are the devil’s spawn, just observe the reactions from the Right-wing concerning the Trayvon Martin case. Nothing but whiny excuse, lies, high priced spin and greedy people auditioning for a spot on FOX news. ****'n degenerates!

Melissa Harris Perry made a good point; “Why doesn’t the Stand your Ground law apply for Trayvon who was being stalked by a man with a gun?”

Every time I hear another story of racism, hate crime, police incompetence or police abuse of power/excessive force. I think back to 1999 to 2003 when most in the national media ignored a huge accountability protest movement.

Let me tell you all something about questionable shootings… I saw the IMPACT firsthand in Southern California for victims 19 year old Tyisha Miller, 18 year old Irving Landrum Jr., 18 year old Ginenne Stover, 20 year old Dante Meniefield (shot for smoking a joint), Mario Paz, Margaret Lavern Mitchell, Anthony Lee, etc… (see “Stolen Lives Project” for full national accounting)

All our Progressive spokespersons are so shocked this could happen in the USA while ignoring those of us who’ve been fighting against racism, abuse of power and accountability issues for decades. Liberals hang on to the microphone like it was a ****’n sex toy… It seems all the lessons the Movement taught have been lost by irresponsible government and journalism that failed to keep the public informed.

Honestly I’ll never understand WHY President Bill Clinton signed the “Telecom Bill” which killed the “Fairness Doctrine” and gave away the public broadcast airwaves to a very few conservative wacko silver spoon trust fund babies and Rupert Murdoch, who is nothing more than a foreign agent working to help the Communist Chinese “divide and conquer” the good ole USA! (Ask ****’n Newt Gingrich about that one…)

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"High gas prices? ...follow the money, where does it lead? I'll bet the farm the same big oil scum that sabotaged the Carter presidency with that fake oil shortage. The ONLY thing Republicans and FOX news have to run on is high gas prices. The Duke Bros. ahhhh I mean Koch Bros are playing Republican voters for FOOLS!" Spo101

"Guns & racism, huh? Well, I feel threatened by the Republican Corporate Ho Party, FOX News and the AM radio Limbaughs, can I move to Florida and shoot them?"
Charlie Stunats

News Alert:
George Zimmerman belonged to the super secret “Shoot a Ni**er Club” that started about the same time Gov. Jeb Bush pushed through the “Stand Your Ground” law. It boasts an more exclusive membership than the NFL’s Quarterback Club. Many of it members are the same Republican operatives who rioted during the Bush VS Gore recount. Many of whom came from Northern Virginia where coincidently Zimmerman’s father served as a court Magistrate.

There seems to be some other connections between Florida and Virginia that includes laundering cocaine profits through GOP campaign contributions. Brought to us by the Conservative ***holes on the Supreme Court and their treasonous “Citizens United” legislation from the bench… ahhh I mean decision. Karl Rove is the connecting factor in this seditious activity.

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