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Rush Limbaugh has been ducking me for years. The Air America radio group refuses to address the issues I bring up. How did I get shunned by two different ideological adversaries? Have I got a story for my readers. (Howard Zinn will back me up on this, too.)

Back in 1999-2001 I conducted a HUGE letter/e-mail writing campaign. Directed at media/communication outlets, magazines, newspapers, top officials and all my so-called representatives from the Democratic Party. I put forth the question: HOW DID CONSERVATIVES MAKE SUCH GAINS as to put a draft dodging, sadistic, ignorant failure like GEORGE W. BUSH into the White House?

NOTE: (this pitiful m’tha#*@/’r would be the Crawford, TX town drunk if not for mummy and daddy’s wealth and circle of well-connected cronies keeping the Bush legacy in tact)

Here’s the answer. The political and social turbulence of the 60’s and early 70’s, eventually led to the downfall of Nixon and that stiff, wealthy, constipated group of right-wing conservative hawks (what we now call the “Neo-Cons”) Well the story didn’t end there.

One must know Neo-Cons as I do. These are some cunning, truly evil bastards. Vain, hateful, corrupt but the really frightening trait of these people is GREED! A greed so unquenchable it won’t be satisfied until it inherits the earth… AND #*@/ THE REST OF US!

They feel no guilt, convinced by their silver spoon Ivy League education they are SUPREME BEINGS. These hypocritical c@^*/~!r’s use everything from the BIBLE to Darwin to justify their warped nature. Machiavelli, Burke or maybe:

Morality - it was created for the COMMON MAN. The HIGHER MAN doesn't worry about whether something is GOOD or EVIL. He has the courage to rise above that sort of nonsense and ACT.”


{…BALLS! Big #*@/’n heavos man… AND 15 BILLION TONS OF TNT…}

Anyway, the Neo-Cons got together and ORGANIZED with one goal in mind. To NEVER LET THIS 60’S POWER TO THE PEOPLE THING HAPPEN EVER AGAIN! What happened next is best documented in the extraordinary 1984 book “Ominous Politics, The New Conservative Labyrinth” by John S. Saloma III, Hill and Wang. (More about THIS and Saloma later. I’m a member of the super secret “JOHN S. SALOMA III SOCIETY” and most of OUR heroes have been eliminated)

As much as I despise these Conservative stiffs, anyone involved with ORGANIZING the PEOPLE has got to admire the long range strategic planning of “think tanks” on the RIGHT (1976-2001). AND one of the most successful aspects of this organization is what I call RADIO FREE CONSERVATIVE.

While Liberals were STUCK living off 60’s victories and grooving to FM radio’s pop music culture… Conservatives quietly bought up the AM radio airwaves at bargain basement prices. It was #*@/’n genius.

Enter former Kansas City sportscaster, steroid/painkiller dealer Rush Limbaugh and the golden microphone of the EIB radio network. THIS fat, loudmouth Cigar$ucker is the “Tokyo Rose” of our time.

Remember the COLD WAR? The United States broadcast programming through Radio Free Europe and Voice of America… OR what the Intelligence Community calls PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE! “

“…The goal of psychological warfare is to change the behavior of countries and their populations. Normally, the intent is to WEAKEN the loyalty and confidence that PEOPLE have in their leaders’ polices . An attempt to INFLUENCE the attitudes of the PEOPLE living there…”
(“International Relations through Science Fiction”, edited
by Martin Greenburg and Joseph D. Olander)

NOW, can ANYONE who’s ever tried to hold a legitimate debate with ONE OF Rush Limbaugh’s “DITTO-HEADs”, tell me Radio Free Conservative wasn’t history’s most successful brainwashing of a target population? COME ON! Limbaugh and a gaggle of Conservative talk clones were taught all the textbook forms of “bias persuasion” that divided the nation and made Republican voters into FOOLS!

In the book “Violence in America” edited by Thomas Rose (Vintage books) Newton Garver writes:

Another insidious form of psychological violence is what might be called the “Freudian rebuff”. This type has the effect of what John Henry Newman called “POISONING THE WELLS”. If he tries to advance facts and statistics, they are discounted and his involvement is attributed to Freudian factors. If he attempts to prove himself free of the aberration in question, his very protest is used as evidence against him. To structure a situation against a person in such a manner does violence to him by depraving him of his dignity…”

So while people like myself were given uncomplimentary labels such as “liberal wacko” or “red diaper doper baby”, Conservative think tanks actually convinced half America’s voting population that GEORGE W. BUSH and JESUS were on the same side… WHAT?

NOTE: (Jesus H. Christ are YOU people stupid. At least now I’ve provided you idiots a good excuse for turning into such silly, ignorant, victimized, self-absorbed, apathetic, celebrity worshipping COWARDS! Sure… blame the government and it’s law enforcement/intelligence agents for the superiority complexes you suffer from… LOSERS! You can get Dem. Presidential candidate John Edwards to take YOUR case. LOL)

On the LEFT side of the political spectrum after ALL the letters and emails the only response I’ve yet to receive was an encouraging letter from Larry Flynt’s Hustler Magazine and form letters from my representatives in government begging for campaign contributions. (Oh… and Howard Zinn called my writing “vivid and compelling”)

My findings (1999-2000) concluded that Democrats and Liberals needed to counter Radio Free Conservative with a talk radio network of their own. So I find it funny that all the Left wingers who failed to reply found NO SHAME in using my idea without giving me credit or involving me in the process.

Sure they stole my idea but had NO clue as to how to make the process EFFECTIVE. Right from the start Air America made the mistake of NOT taking many callers. Liberal spokespersons such as Al Franken and Ginenne Garafalo were pulled out of the pundit closet and did their shtick, routines and MONOLOGUES without involving the PEOPLE who supported this sort of format. Big mistake…

One thing the Left took years to realize is everyone likes the opportunity for public comment or to feel like part of the TEAM. Many Liberals missed the lessons taught in youth organized sports so they were too busy in individual efforts to realize my power in numbers philosophy. Instead of pulling the nation together to solve our problems… Liberal talk radio became just another divisive mechanism. Everyone missed the main point of my CONTENT!

Media Consolidation has made competition on the LEFT for the microphone resemble some kind of warped “American Idol” contest. A bunch of wannabes using the creative work of others to gain the national spotlight… AND OF COURSE NOTHING EVER GETS ACCOMPLISHED AND WE STILL HAVE A YEAR LEFT OF BUSH/CHENEY DESTROYING OUR RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS. (thanks for NOTHING AND #*@/ you too @$$holes… sorry... I DO like Randi Rhodes)

NOTE: (Back in the MID-1990’S, Rush did an article in the “Limbaugh Letter” titled: “WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO PUNISHMENT?” Well Rush… I find myself asking the same question, BUT I CAN’T GET THROUGH YOUR CALL SCREENER, you #*@/’n pussy. How the HELL did you get away with drug crimes that a million American citizens have been put in the jail/prison system for? (more about THIS later)

Must be nice being a puppet for the Bush family. I wonder how many cons, crooks, drug abusers/trafficers, sexual deviates, etc. have escaped PUNISHMENT because of the Bush string pulling? You ALL SHOULD BE BROUGHT UP ON R.I.C.O. ACT CHARGES!

LAND OF THE FREE, HOME OF THE BRAVE” my skinny Italian-American @$$! With the largest inmate population on the planet and a press full of sell-out, journalistic COWARDS…

(Copyright 2008 by F.G. Esposito) NEXT: Karma

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