Sunday, October 20, 2013

I detest false equivalencies... NO, Democrats do NOT share blame for this shutdown fiasco.  Failure, chaos, incompetence and low grade thought processes are owned by the GOP.  

Many are asking how much $ to FIX the Affordable Health Care web site? Well,  it's about .00002% of what Ted Cruz wasted on his shutdown publicity stunt. (sic) I don’t get the economics in Republicans warped, trickle-down brains. Ted Cruz wasted approximately 24 BILLION US dollars to get a few million in Tea Party or foreign campaign contributions? WHAT? Hell... Obama/Biden should’a just gave Cruz the money to stay out of the way of the adults. Pay off the pathetic Ho! (lol)

But there IS an extremely serious/vital issue here buried in all the bullshit! (I mean, OTHER than all the RED States who refused to set up a health care infrastructure to stall/roadblock Americans who are shopping for affordable healthcare. That means Obama site has much more work to do)

When is our US government going to address the problem with private contractors. Every Republican will try to convince you that Private does better than government? But the results show different. From soldiers getting electrocuted in showers in Iraq tainted food/water in Afghanistan hiring of Snowdon or Alexis the Cruz Canadian family firm that fucked up the Health Care web site... FAILURE! Waste, fraud and abuse of power on a level that makes Michele Bachmann/Ted Cruz religious fanatics start preaching about END times. Seems like they want to hurry along Armageddon. 

I'm tell'n the TRUTH to the YOUTH! Don't ever forget:  Reaganomics, Privatization, Deregulation & War Profiteering turned PEOPLE into the United Suckers of America 
©2013 by FGE

Remember when wanna-be gang members in big cities carried business cards with the “Scarface” logo? Now they carry Bush/Cheney logosCharlie Stunats